wobbly legs

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Boxer Pal
Just adopted a new 4 1/2 week old male boxer puppy. He's a delight and a real joy to my family.

However, I have noticed when he walks he is somewhat wobbly, in his rear legs, at times. Is this normal at nearly 5 weeks?

I found a web page that described a "Wobbly" disease that Great Danes, Dobermans and Boxers can get, though most of the time it appears later. Should I be concerned?

I want the best for this little guy.

Cisco, your puppy was not old enough in my opinion to leave his mom. I notice your from Spokane Wa, can I ask where you got your baby? You said that you adopted him, did he come from rescue? i would think that he is just not use to all is walking around yet. Welcome to the board. How old is your puppy and what is his name?


Boxer Insane
Wow - that is WAY too young to be separated from the litter and yes at that young of an age they can be quite wobbly. Puppies do best, I have been told, being separated at 9-11 weeks old. Lexi was 10 weeks old when we got to bring her home. I would contact your breeder and question them about why they separated the litter so young. Good luck with your new baby and welcome to the board.
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