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I didn't find any other postings like this, so I am hoping some of you out there can help me. It's November now, and I live in Toronto. I have noticed that when I am taking my little Wendel (aged 6 months) out for a walk in the morning, moreso than in the evening, that he is shivering quite a bit. My boyfriend thinks it's the "just woken" shiver, but I am concerned that Toronto weather will be too cold for the little guy.

So, my health question is should I be buying Wendel a coat and boots for the winter, to help him fend off the cold/snow/rock salt? I don't want him to be cold/catch a cold/potentially have something worse happen.

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If he's shivering outside he's probably cold. I would get him a coat for his walks. You don't want the poor guy to get sick!

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Boxers only have one coat of hair. Most dogs have two, the coarse outer hairs and a finer insulating layer. Boxers lack the finer insulating layer, so they don't tolerate cold as well as other breeds.

A jacket is in order for Wendel, especially since you live in Canada.

Keep in mind that they don't do well in hot weather either. Their short nose is not a good radiator to cool them down.



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Thomas is right!! A coat is a must. Please try to find one that covers his rear hips as boxers have lots of problems with hip displaycia (sp?).
Also watch him after he comes in from the rain. I always take a dry towel and rub him down when he gets wet. He LOVES it and it makes me feel better that he's not holding a chill. After playing outside in the cold I let him curl up with me on the couch and wrap a blanket around the two of us so he warms up faster.

And yes summers are hard for boxers. I hose him down before I take him outside to play or on a walk and bring an extra water bottle or two on walks or to the park so I can keep him wet and cool. Plus he loves the mud. The last bottle is to clean him off before he gets in my car!!!! (not that it seems to help lol)


Where do you shop?

I have been searching for a "manly" coat for Cash... not having any luck! I'd love to find something black and fleece. Where does everyone shop for their babies' clothing? I even searched the web yesterday - but didn't find what I am looking for.


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i got one for Snatch.
eventhough we're living in texas, snatch is shiverring each time the temperatures go below 50F.

you guys should see him, he's shivering and want to run back home.

i don't want him to be sick.. and he looooves his coat!

i got it at petsmart. it's actually great.
here's a pic... soon i'll have some of snatch in it ;)

Snatch's coat

it's great because it doesn't have legs' hole. the other ones, i couldn't find one that fit Snatch good, because of the deep chest boxers have.


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Evie hates to be cold, so I bought her a hoodie. There's a pic in my gallery. Adam on the other hand, just loves the cold weather! goofy boy :) I too dry my pups off after playing the rain :) We have pretty harsh winters, so i might get Adam a coat later on in the season.


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I live in northern MB where it gets VERY COLD & I have a 10 month old female and we love to walk. I ordered a coat from and I am very pleased with it. It's expensive, but very well made and fits her very well. I'm not sure if she will keep boots on though, so I am holding off on the boots. Check it out.


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We live in Southern New Jersey very near the coast and it gets pretty windy here. Rommel gets a true "wake up call" when we go out in the morning come late fall, early winter. I have found wonderful deals on apparel and accessories at .

"Warm" wishes.

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