Why'd you choose boxers?

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So.... there's a billion different types of dogs out there. What made you all fall for boxers??

My childhood dog, Molly, was a boxer. I was 6 years old when we got her, she was 7 or 8 months old, from a local shelter. We had been looking for a dog for ages, visiting shelters and looking in the newspaper, we had visited quite a few dogs and nothing was right. Molly was advertised in the newspaper, we went to visit her and took a risk in adopting her - I didn't actually go with to look at her (because we never adopted any of the other dogs we looked at, so why would this be different!), but apparently she was out of control lol... BUT the shelter was closing and staying open late for us, so my mom made a quick decision to just do it.

BEST dog ever. She passed away shortly before I turned 18 and my world came crashing down. Naturally, after having her, I couldn't see myself with any other breed. I never thought boxers were cute (we always told Molly she was so ugly that she was cute) but I didn't care, I loved them anyway. We got Juno a little over a month after losing Molly, and I can say Juno has only strengthened my adoration of the breed. Will never be without one.

My old lady when she was not so old <3

So, what's your story?


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Molly was beautiful! It sounds like one of those "just meant to be" stories!

My story is I was dating someone in my early 20's that had a boxer, Prill. He was a gorgeous fawn boy. One day we were joking around and my boyfriend play shoved me. Prill jumped between us to protect ME! I was amazed that a dog that had been raised from a pup would not protect its owner, but would protect me. Another time my boyfriend tickled me while we were laying down and I screamed. Again Prill jumped up on the bed to make sure I was alright. I loved him (Prill) as much as he seemed to love me.

Prill started having multiple uncontrollable seizures. It was decided it would be kinder to put him down than trying to control it. He was seen at a vet school and to pay for the vet bills my boyfriend agreed to let them do a necropsy. If I remember correctly, they found eight brain tumors.

The boyfriend ended up not working out. I got rid of him, but I kept my love for the breed. I wish I had a picture of Prill to share. Thanks to Prill I have had three wonderful boxers in my life.


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I thought I wouldn't like boxers before I had met any. I thought they were fitting dogs or guard dogs like Dobbies.
Our son brought a Boxer puppy home when he was 16 yrs old.
We all grew to love that girl. (how could anyone not love a boxer) Since she taught us/me what a joy they are to have around, I can't imagine having another breed of dog now.


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It's all my DH's fault. LOL.

He had three senior boxers and was going through a divorce. The rest of the family didn't want the dogs and DH was working/traveling almost all the time. So he asked if I would "foster/dog sit" them.

I was a little concerned because I'd always been a cat person. My sister had left me to take care of (mostly) a couple of huskies for a year and that was not something I was enjoying very much and my cats were MOST annoyed. But I'm a sucker for an animal in need, so when those three boxers walked into the house and all four of my senior cats basically ignored them (no hissing, no running, no irritation at all), I figured the cats just thought of the boxers as great big cats. And I knew it was going to be OK.

Two of those dogs were gone (pts because it was that time) before I could truly bond with them. But the third lived longer and I was hooked. She was the first dog I'd ever really enjoyed. Two years later, DH and I began dating, then got engaged, then he moved to AK for a job. I had to sell my house. So there I was ... with three cats left and no dogs. And one of my cats was very sick with kidney disease - I knew it would be her time soon - and my heart was just aching for another dog.

I may have been convinced to get another breed. But DH (then fiance) said BOXER ONLY. Ok then. I got no problem with that.

So I started the search.

I contacted rescues, and shelters and kept my eye open for months. My eldest cat died just before Christmas, and that same week just like it was a Christmas present waiting for me, there was a "white boxer" with no picture on petfinder located at an animal control shelter about 3 hours drive from me. I called and called and bugged the woman there to send me a picture so I could be sure he was a boxer ('cause you know how those listings are). It took too days of finagling to get her to send me something. I found out why afterward - because he was emaciated with a backbone like a ladder and she didn't want his picture out there.

I drove down to see him the day after Christmas and brought him home. He turned out to be my heart dog. He was 8.5 years old when I pulled him out of that place. And he was with me for two wonderful years.

I'll never look back.

Unfortunately, all my cats have passed. And now I have no cats at all! I'm going to have to remedy that soon.


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Great topic!!! I'm another "boyfriend turned me on to boxers" story. My now DH , had a boxer when we were dating, gizmo. He was a fawn with white markings. Before gizmo DH had no other interaction with boxers. His friend bred boxers and gizmo was the pick of the liter and the friend was keeping him. When gizmo was 4 months old the owner decided he couldn't keep him and asked dh if he wanted him....So 50 bucks later (yeah lol) gizmo was his.

I did not grow up with animals in the house. So when I was around gizmo I found it very odd this big dog was in the house. I was a bit annoyed lol. He would go get big drinks of water, and inevitability he would come straight to me and lay his big head on my lap and soak my pants with his water drooly filled jaws lol. I thought he was gross. But I married my high school sweetheart so at the age of 16 you don't dare wanna say "hey..your dog is gross!!!" To a guy you think is the best thing ever lol. Unfortunately he was hit by a car before he was 2 and before we were married. My DH was heartbroken.

So for years he begged to get a boxer and I was like no way. So long story short, 11 years later, he finally got his boxer, Tyson, and I always regretted I never gave in sooner to his wanting a boxer. The more I learned about boxers and the bond I developed with Tyson, was a great addition to my life. The first 6 years of our marriage DH worked night shift and thinking back I think it would have served me well to have given into a boxer then, it got quite lonely at times and having a boxer to love has been such a blessing. Thinking back at gizmo I wished I could have appreciated him a little more because he was a great dog :) just couldn't see it at the time. He was a big cuddly dog and knowing the breed now....I think him resting his head on my lap with his drooly mouth, he would always look at me from the top of his eyes not moving his head from my lap, was really sweet, (maybe minus the drool lol) just couldn't see it then :) but I'm thankful for him because we have a love for boxers as a family that's very awesome. No other breed will ever do :) their amazing dogs.


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Growing up we never had a dog, BUT the dog that lived next door was this huge slobbery boxer boy whose name was, wait for it, John Drake (JD). Needless to say JD spent more time at our house with me and my two brothers running happily around our three quarter of an acre section than with the old lady who actually owned JD. The old lady who owned JD rehomed him as he was too much for her, but I never forgot JD.

In my late teens to early thirties I moved around alot, including overseas for quite time and so never had a dog of my own until the grand age of 35 I got a dog of my own and that was Diva - she was and always will be my heart and soul dog, that one in a million. It just seemed natural and right that it was going to be a boxer. I got Monty when Diva was 3 years old and he was fantastic as well.

When Monty died and then Diva two years after Monty I really didn't think I could get another boxer and had no intention of doing so. But then Dora was being rehomed, a friend of mine kept at me and at me to "just meet her". I met her and fell in love with her and now wouldn't be without her, despite at over two years of age still stealing my shoes and ripping up toilet paper etc :LOL: She is a little firecracker - always on the go, but also a sweetheart.


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Well one day i went with my friend shane to visit his cousins who owned two boxers they were brothers. Apollo and diablo. I thought they were so beautiful as soon as i laid my eyes on those dogs i immediately thought they are so cute i want one. Well when we went visit shanes cousins we had had sat on the sofa and shane had slapped my arm in a joking manner and apollo got super protective of me and jumped onto shane and growled at him. I knew then i had to have a boxer because i saw that this dog would defend me even when i first met him. i saw those boxers alot when id go around and they were goofy as hell but they also had a serious side. I guess apollo saw that shane was a buttface just like i figured out later on we aren't friends anymore. i think dogs can point out who your real friends really are. They are a very loyal breed but they are big clowns too which i love. My boxer right now is a complete nut case she is starting to get her protective instinct a little bit but even if she wasn't guard dog material her being my clown is enough for me.


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My sister got a boxer first. I thought at they time that they were ugly dogs. dohicon I don't know how I could think that. She didn't live in the same province as me, so I didn't see them often. I fell in love with Duncan. I decided that I had to have a boxer. First I had to buy my own condo because it's hard to find a place to rent with dogs. I finally got Markus. He was the best dog. He lived for 11.5 years. When I moved to Manitoba, I couldn't wait to get another boxer. Enter Terramoto into my life. Unfortunately Moto died tragically at 5 years old of a suspected heart attack. I was heartbroken. I tried to convince myself that I had to get a different breed. One that would deal better with the cold temperatures. I had gotten Tara before I came Manitoba and she was a wonderful dog, but she wasn't a boxer. I looked at all sorts of breeds, but couldn't come up with anything that I really liked. So last spring I adopted Dante. When I thought that I wasn't going to get a boxer after all, I put a deposit on a puppy (Allie). I ended up with two boxers. The best thing I ever did. :)

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My Dad was always doing side jobs when I was a kid, he did some painting for a man when I was 2 years old, the man had no money to pay him, so he gave him his dog, which happened to be a boxer. She was the best dog ever.
Her name was Pansy and she and I bonded immediately. My mom used to say that Pansy thought I was hers. She was the perfect example of boxer love, her temperament was great and she loved everybody.
Unfortunately, she developed cancer when she was about 13 and had to be put down. My love of the breed started early and has never changed. Now, my hubby and kids feel the same say.

They are just great dogs!


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Growing up, I'd visit a friend's house. She had a brindle boxer girl named Lady..or was it Roxy? I don't remember her much since she passed away soon after I met her but I do remember the boxer puppy that they got after. His name is Prince and he's a gorgeous fawn. I've seen him grow from clumsy puppy to 90 lb big boy. Anyways, I just fell in love with everything about him. His soulful eyes that showed more emotion than any dog I had seen before, the clownlike nature, the butt wiggles and the smushy face. I'd spend as much time playing with him as I would hanging out with my friend anytime I visited. lol :D So I was dead set on having one of my own and then when I was in college, my friend told me that Prince and another boxer they had got was having puppies. I didn't know about the risks of backyard breeding back then so I jumped on the offer and I've been enjoying Farah since. I don't know if I'll ever get a different breed :p
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