Why do so many Boxers end up in shelters?

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I've read so many sad stories here about abused and neglected Boxers, how on earth do they end up like this.
I know here in the UK we also have a Boxer rescue, but quite honestly they are so expensive to buy why do people abandon them? Is the fact they find them hard to manage. We all know they are a handful. I'm 40 years of age and I cannot ever remember a time when there was not a boxer in our home whilst I was growing up. I've now got my own Boxer and I must admit there have been times when I thought , how could I have been so stupid, however, to get rid of him would be the same as getting rid of my daughter, he's here to stay. I just wonder if so many pedigree dogs are in shelters, just what hope is there for the cross breeds.
I do feel guilty because when my last dog died I gave myself a year to get over him and I was just going to go to our local shelter to take a stray, when my dad offered to buy me a Boxer pup. At 75 years of age he couldn't cope with another, having had 5 Boxers, and now wanted to just be a grandad. I so love Monty but knew exactely what I was letting myself in for.


I think people just don't understand the responsability there is to having and raising a dog. Sometimes people don't research a breed and buy on impulse. They don't realize how big a dog can get or how much it costs to take it to the vet and feed it properly. They don't realize that they have to go to housebreaking and obedience training , then when they don't teach a puppy manners and it chews up shoes and eats remotes then they're ready to get rid of it. The saddest reason I think people get rid of animals is because they just decide they don't want it anymore and they just discard of it like a piece of old clothing almost like it's not another life an actual living breathing creature. I know when I went to the shelter looking for a dog to adopt awile back the people at the shelter said that some lady had brought in a apricot toy poodle because it didn't go with her living room furniture. So sad :(

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I believe people just don't do the research on the breed. They don't know what they are getting and are not prepared. Luckily in our area finding a Boxer at the pound doesn't seem very common. I always watch our local TV station when they show all the adoptable dogs. One time I seen what looked to be a pure bred Boxer, he was a beautiful flashy fawn. Every so often they will have a dog that they consider pure bred but most are mix breeds and litters of mix breed pups.:( It could be that breed rescue steps in before the dog is shown on TV which would make it appear to everyone that pure breds aren't commonly found at our local animal shelter/pound. I'm not sure.
I think in our throw away society many times dogs fall into this catagory. People move and get rid of the dogs, they don't take them time to train and then complain when they are bad. People need to understand dogs are a commitment and require a lot of work. We need to do a better job of eductating what it means to own a dog...any dog not just boxers.

I agree with you...I would never get rid of my dogs. When I bought them I promised to give them a home for life and all that goes with it. I train my dogs so they are well behaved and I do everything I can to keep them healthy and happy. Anything else is unthinkable.


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I think there are two main reasons:
1. People are irresposible to begin with and have no idea what it takes to raise (and keep) a happy healthy dog.
2. People have no idea what they are getting into with Boxers in particular -they don't research the breed. Boxers look mean so a lot of undesirable people think they are the right dog for them. Then it turns out that they are cute little wiggle butts and there they go. Plus, a lot of people have no idea how HYPER and attention seeking they are and some people think that is reason enough... I don't know.
Giving away my dogs has NEVER been an option for me. There is just no question about it. I remeber a time when I had to move and had a hard time finding a place because of Lucy.
My ex-mother-in-law suggested that maybe I should get rid of the dog. (Can you believe that *#&%) I looked straight at her and said: "Sure, and next I'll get rid of the kids." :LOL: You should have seen her face. :LOL: (I'm still laughing out loud thinking about that one.) Bottom line is: Once you get a dog you take on responsibility for another LIFE!!!! and people should act like it!!!
(sore subject, can you tell ;) )

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Resaons why

My husband & I volunteer in rescue. Some of the major reasons are:

1) The owners do DO NOT do any research before they get the dog and are expecting a personality of a Shit Shu ( a lap dog )

2) The owners see them small and cuddly and say “ohhh just look at the face how could you resist??” They have no CLUE they are going to grow to be a 50-80 lb dog. Then that cute cuddly dog is digging holes in your grass ( BOLO!!!!!), peeing on your carpets, eating the plants. Ect.

3) The owner lacks the time and patience it requires to raise a puppy. ESCECIALLY A BOXER!

4) They are very hi-energy dogs and require a LOT of time, love and attention, and training and the owners say this dog it too much maintenance! Get rid of it!

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ONE more resaon

here is a perfect example! The Guy is up for adoption read why! Have a tissue by your side!

7-9 yr old brindle male, cropped ears, docked tail. Rosco is a very spry guy, loves other dogs, even cats. He was dumped at the shelter because his previous owners said he was too "OLD". Rosco is very full of life and true to the breed he still acts like a 4 yr old. Rosco is housebroken and very well mannered


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Boxers are not commonly found in shelters in our area either. But I have seen other purebred dogs.

I think we've become a very throw-away society. :( Most people can't even keep a spouse "for better or worse," how do you expect them to keep a dog for 10 years or more? :mad:

I've seen so many people get pets on impulse and later decide it's not for them. My daughter's friend got a puppy for Christmas and it was gone before Valentine's Day. :(

My dogs are here for life and I would never consider giving them up. :) Of course, there are a few situations where it's appropriate to find a new home for a dog, but in most cases people just weren't prepared or are unwilling to take the responsibility and time a dog demands. I think it's awfully sad.


I totally agree with Bilo and Gracies mommy.
No reasearching and not taking the time to train the dog properly.
I too do rescue. I have a pair right now the reason for giving them up....breeding pair..to old to breed so they throw them in the shelter and go get another pair and start over. They were in the shelter ofr over a month before we got them out....who deserves that?
you can see Bridgette and Peanut at http://www.secondchanceboxer.com they are the best. I truly hope we find someone to take them as a pair.


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At one point in time there were 4 boxers in the South county Shelter in San Diego. 2 whites, 1 brindle and 1 fawn. The reason the brindle boy was there - he was kept outside 24/7 and barked all the time. DUH! And the poor guy was 5 years old!
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