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I hope this is the right forum. Anyway, Basil is a pretty secure boxer who usually knows his place in the pack. He can be alpha or sumbit when a more alpha dog arrives. Last night, I had a neutered male dog (not a boxer) at my apartment for a visit. Basil had eaten and now the other dog was eating. Basil kept going back and forth giving Auggie the "eye". Auggie moved away from his (Auggie's) food and then, BASIL LIFTED HIS LEG AND PEED ON AUGGIE'S FOOD! Was he trying to establish his territory? That's all I can figure. I quickly reassured him that I AM ALPHA over anybody else in my house. He seemed a bit better after that. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?


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Wow, how about that! Austin peed on me once, I wonder what that means! I guess he was marking me as "his property"!
One of my friends brought over his lab-australian shephard mix to my house to play with my girls (they all absolutely LOVE each other!). When he took Smokey off of the leash, he sniffed around my house a bit and then had the nerve to lift his leg on my kitchen cabinet! I was kind of mad but understood, plus it was worth the look on my friends face!! Priceless!
When we were getting our first Boxer, my husband did not want a "leg lifter". Of course we got Booker T as our 2nd child. And of course, I discovered just what a leg lifter really was.

Booker T needs to be hired out to the fire dept. He will pee on anything you ask him to :)


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My father in law has an identical twin brother and whenever he comes to visit Zhar there male boxer always pees on his brother!!! We figure maybe it's so he can tell them apart.


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Yes, he was making a statement which was the other dog should mind its Ps and Qs because THIS HOUSE and everthing in it is MY TERRITORY, including food.

Must have been a riot to see, however. :)


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Tyson lifted his leg and peed on my friend once. We were camping out in the middle of nowhere and my friend goes off into the woods to go to the bathroom. Tyson had become the official bathroom escort, so he followed along with her as usual, but as she was going to the bathroom, he ran over and peed on her. I told her she should feel special since he singled her out and marked her. lol
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