where to put the crate?

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We're bringing home our new baby next Sunday!! And I'm passing my time today by reading all I can in anticipation:) this is our second boxer, our first passed away last month at the age of 10.5. Despite our familiarity with the breed, I still feel nervous for the puppy stage! Our big question right now is where to put up the crate.....in our bedroom because that's ideal for nights - but On a different floor of our living room, so I'm thinking not as easy for her to walk into on her own when we're home, or for her to see us and be with the fam when she's crated and we are home. Or in the living area for that reason, and also for when we are gone she will be closer to her feline brothers for company. But then at night she's away from us. I don't really wanna hall the crate around every day!

Thanks for any insight:)


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At night the crate should be beside your bed. You pup will be much happier and settle easier when they know you are nearby.

You can always get a second crate for your bedroom. It could be a much smaller one as by the time he grows out of it you may be able to transition him to the crate downstairs.

Good luck with your pup!
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