Where are the words going???

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Last night my boyfriend and I were watching the "My VH1 Music Awards" and Gus was playing quietly with his toys and all of the sudden he jumped up and ran to the TV. My boyfriend freaked. He thought Gus was going to put his head right through the screen of his BIG SCREEN *man grunt*. Gus went right up to it (nose touching the screen) and the words were sliding across the screen and looked like they were going to come out the side of the TV. Gus went next to the TV looking for the words. :D Silly puppies! He did this for about 5 minutes (while Josh and I laughed) and then came up to me like "Mom, where are they?" So cute. :D


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ROFL! That is too funny, but dont you hate having to clean the sloppers off the tv screen?? Someone sent me a joke on the computer ahile ago and it was something about a cat and it made loud noises and Lacie put her paws on the computer and watched it with me, it was sooooo funny.

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Yes, I am soooooo tired of windex-ing the television screen after Maggie decides its time to snoot up the screen! I especially like when she "watches" television up close after drinking water! Yikes, it dribbles down the screen and I have to run for the paper towels.

Can't figure out if she likes television or not. I know violin music always gets her attention and other dogs barking on tv. Sometimes it looks like she's sitting on the couch, intently watching what is on the tv, just like daddy. Mostly she ignores it unless she wants to snot up the screen. Then she turns around and gives daddy that devil look, just itching for trouble! What a dog!

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Dan, I have just gone into Maggies site. You have done a lovely job with the photos. She is really a very cute little girl, and some of the looks you are getting when you take her picture remind me of Sergeant. As you say she is growing like a weed, but beautiful with it! Keep up the good work and the photos.

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It's so funny when ours hear another dog on the TV. They run over and watch with their heads tilted sideways. We also have a big screen and 2 of the speakers are down at the bottom in the front. They will look at the screen then down at the speakers and back at the screen again. They just can't seem to figure it out. I was playing a movie I had recorded of the dogs on the TV one night. It came to the part were they all got into a huge play fight with all the growls and stuff. I thought Tyson was going to jump into the TV when he heard/seen that. I love playing movies on the TV that I have recorded of them. It really confuses them to see each other on TV and in the room. They also act all funny when they hear my voice talking to them on the TV. I can't wait to get the surround sound hooked up. Then they'll really freak out. :D

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It's funny what catches their attention, isn't it? Thery're just so fun to watch!

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