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Our boy Joey will be three years old next month. He is right around 70 lbs. I know this sounds good, but he looks skinny. He eats well, Eukanuba large breed, twice a day. His ribs don't stick out or anything, but he is just very narrow thru the hind end. When do males start "filling out"? He gets plenty of exercise and plenty of rest (he sleeps right on top of you if you are on the couch trying to watch tv!) We just thought he would be putting some meat on his bones by now!

Lisa M

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Casper is a bit thin for my taste too. I've tried putting him on higher calorie food (solid gold Mmillenium, had the most I could find) it works if I feed him more than the recommended amount, but as soon as I think he's filled out and go back to his normal diet, he slims down again. I've decided that dogs are like people some are just thin no matter how much they eat.

My vet siad his weight is fine, so I've stopped worrying about it - well, mostly ;)


How old is Casper? I thought that I read somewhere that Boxers grow until around 3, then start filling out-especially males. LC, who is shorter and not as long as Joey weighs the same as he does and looks a lil chubby for a boxer. (but we never say she needs to be on a diet outloud when she is in the room!)
Also, I wonder sometimes about the recommended daily amounts that are listed on the dog food bags. Our boxers are much more active throughout the day than our lab is.


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Originally posted by Lisa M
I've decided that dogs are like people some are just thin no matter how much they eat.

I don't like those kind!:mad:

Just kidding.

I thought boxers grew height till 12 months then started filling out for about the next 12 months. I have read about some filling out till 3 though.


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Boxers have usually finished filling out by the time they are 3. Boxers are often thin in the hindquarters so that may be as filled out as he gets.


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As others have said, that might just be his individual build. My sister and I both have male boxers about the same age and same weight and height, but they do have different builds. Hers has very developed, muscular hind legs, while mine is thinner in the back but bigger in the front. They are both at a healthy weight -- it's just different builds.


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It took most of our boxers about three years to fill out. I wouldn't be concerned that your dog isn't overly heavy. The less weight your dog carries, the less likely he is to have problems with degenerative joint diseases like arthritis. While that may not concern you for another few years, it's at the forefront of my mind now that Cookie is almost nine and suffering from arthritis.
He is probably built to be a little taller and leaner. I recently had a foster boy who was probably 85 lbs. He was a few inches shorter than Brutus but built like a tank :LOL:

In this area it seems that some of the older lines are a little stockier but a lot of the dogs are more tall and skinny. You also keep your guys pretty busy so Im sure all that exercise keeps the weight off.
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