When we rescued Stoney.....

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Ok first of all I am new to this board and want to say how impressed I am with all of the loving and caring people that are here. Its an inspiration to me that so many people are caring and loving of animals.

Now on to my story.......

I was on the internet looking for a boxer because a few months earlier we had to give away our dog because he was litterally destroying our house when we were not home. He was mix between boxer and pitt. When had given him to someone who had fell in love with him one day when we were walking him around the neighborhood. This man had plenty of time fir him and wanted him badly. So as bad as it hurt we did it. Before we got home as we were riding in the car my husband and I were both in tears. So we tried to live without him for a few months. ANd it just wasn't working. I was looking for boxer breeders in my area when i stumbled across a site called petfinder.com. I posted an ad and got a reply from a woman who was fostering a boxer for a kill shelter she worked for. But she said his case was urgent. He didn't have much more time. He was only 11 months old. SHe had no way of sending me a picture or anything. She told me he was brindle and full of life. But he had a rough start in life. First of all being abused....then being starved...luckily neighbors reported the owners. He was taken from his owners 3 times before they never tried to get him back. When I told my husband what I had found he was so excited. I told her to keep him we would be there that Friday. So we left on our journey for our new dog. It was 4 and 1/2 hours from our home. We were so anxious to get there it seemed like forever. I didn't know what to expect but I couldn't wait. When we arrieved after getting lost a couple of time lol We pulled into the drive and there she stood with Stoney. My he was more beautiful than I had imagined. My husband barely got the car in park before he jumped out. lol Stoney was just as excited to see us. His foster mom was an obedience trainer also....so he knew a few tricks and was very well behaved. I was impressed. Stoney was a little on the skinny side. But I knew that was something we could fix as soon as we could get him home. After playing with him in her yard she so what do you think. My husband said, "I think he is perfect, and i think he is our new baby." So we paid the adoption fee and signed all the papers. We put him in our car which is a convertible. We put the top down and he loved it. Slobber flying every where all the way home. Part of the time he stood on his head in the back seat and stuck his back legs up in the wind lol I knew then he was a character. But when we got him home he seemed timid. When we go to pet him he would run or dunk down. I felt so sorry for him, i just wanted him to know that he was safe and no one was going to hurt him anymore. He warmed up to us in about or so. Then he became my permanent lap dog. Stoney was 11 months old when we got him, he is now 1 yr and 6 mo. He now weighs 95 pounds lol I know its a little on the big side but he loves to eat. The only dilemma we have now is stoney has a tumor. He had this place when we adopted him it looked like where a tick had been. But now it has grown double the size. His vet is going to remove it. It makes youthink how much more does he have to endure. I mean he has scares all over his legs where he has been hit with something. It just makes me so mad...because he is such a wonderful dog. He is the best dog I have ever owned...never once given us a problem. He has yet to have an accident in the house. He has yet to be mean to anyone or another dog after all he has been through. That just makes me love him so much more. Well thats Stoney's story.....And by the way we have a new boxer named Cooper who is 5 months old. Stoney and Cooper are best buds! You got to love them! Lastly, I would recommend to anyone to rescue a boxer or any animal for that matter. Its really rewarding you make a difference for someone who has no voice without you. :D


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Wow, Stoney really has been through a lot in his days. It's wonderful that you found each other! Now he can make up for all the lost time with you and his buddy Cooper. I hope the vet says the tumor is completely removed, and that he has no more trouble. He's endured enough for many dog's lifetimes!

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Great story...........I'm sure you make wonderful parents and I hope all is well after having the tumor removed..


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Hello fellow Kentuckian! I'm glad Stoney has found a good home. I'm sure he thinks he's in heaven with you and your husband!

I adopted a rescued Boxer in August. It does make one sad to think about all the abuse and neglect they went through before we get them.


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What a great story. I am so glad that Stoney and you found each other. I pray that the tumor is removed and he makes a full recovery.



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I'm so glad that you are able to give him a loving home. We (my wife and I) are going to pick up a boxer tomorrow actually. We know a couple that has a nine month old boxer that they can't bring with them when they move next week. We are really excited. We currently have a German Shepard/Husky mix named Nakita. She is 5 yrs old. I think she is going to like having a friend to play with. Good luck all

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I am so glad things worked out with your family & Stoney and he has found his forever home! It brings tears to my eyes thinking of any animal being abused. Boxers are truly wonderful and forgiving and Stoney's story proves that. I am sure we'll hear plenty of stories about the boys! ;)

Stories like this make me want to adopt now - I am getting so impatient! I wish I owned my house so I could get another....I can't complain too much though - at least I am allowed to have Mason! Hopefully I will be able to buy soon.
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