When to switch to adult food


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I have heard so many different things I'm confused as to what's best. Some owners of medium and large breed dogs say to switch to adult food at 6 months some say to wait till a year old.

My question is should I switch him to adult, leave him as is? He gains steadily 2 pounds a week. I know I shouldn't compare but his weight seems to be what some full grown Boxers weigh.

Winks is 6 months old and weighs 49 pounds and is 22" at the withers. Currently he eats 3 times a day 1 1/2 c. In the morning and evening and 3/4 c. in the afternoon. He stopped finishing lunch so I've cut it down since I'm planning on cutting it out. I can still feel all his ribs and see a couple, he has a waist and is not overweight just leggy.

Thanks for any help/advice much appreciated.


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If you switch him to an All Life Stages Food, it doesn't really matter when you do it. You could do it now. :)

I don't think boxers need much in the way of puppy food. When I got my first boxer, the breeder told me to feed one large bag of puppy food and then switch to adult food. My vet agreed with them. Puppy food tends to make them grow too fast. Slow and steady growth is much better. Boxers are not large breed dogs, so when you switch, just switch to regular food. :)