When to stop wetting the Kibble

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Ok..............chance is now 9 months old. When is it a good time to stop wetting his kibble. I now wet it and mix it with canned.

I began to wet it because the breeder suggested it. But his teeth are dang near full grown now so when do I stop. Is it up to Chance??


When is the actual "good time" to stop wetting the kibble? I'm picking up Rocky from the breeder's this saturday and he'll be exactly 8 weeks old. Right now they put a little bit of moist canned food with his dry kibble and put some water in and warm it in the microwave so its gravy-ish. I was under the assumption that at 8 weeks he could be moved to full on puppy/dry food but is that not the case? I was planning on giving him slightly moistened dry kibble for a couple days and slowly make it less moist until it was all dry.

Is this ok? or should I wait a lot longer to stop wetting his food?



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I am not sure as you can tell by my original post but I kept Chance on wet and now at 9 months, I moisten it.

I began to realize that I would end up wasting a lot of food. He does not like to eat it if he lt it set out too long. After it is wet, it dries up and beleive me, the way it looks, you would not want to feed it to a dog;)

I would then end up throwing it out and providing more food when he seemed like he was ready to eat. With the dry, well, if anything it may get somewhat stale if he chooses not to eat his breakfast until 11 am; like Chance can do at times. But at least you will not feel inclined to throw it out because it looks all hard and dried up.

Other owners may not throw out old looking food, and that way they are not wasting if their dogs go for that. Me, I throw it out because I would not eat it nor make my kids eat it.

I have worked with him to eat it all when I give it to him by standing over him and praising him while he is barfing down his food. It is so funny, becase I know he is acknowledging me doing that because his stick tail is steady going from one side to the other.

I think as long as it is agreed upon that wet does not take away health benifits than you can stop when your dogs teeth is comfortable with dry kibble.


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I switched (stopped wetting kibble) for my Maggie at 12 weeks of age. She has never had a problem with eating dry kibble and loves her food.

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I am willing to bet that Chance will enjoy the dry kibble. When I switched C to just dry kibble he was more eager to eat (even with all the problems we've been having). He loves the dry kibble. If I add water he won't eat. He just looks at me like I've gone nuts.

Let us know how the switch goes.


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This is probably NOT what you want to hear, but I stopped wetting Madelines kibble when she was about 15 months old.

She just would not eat her dry food. At the time - she was slightly underweight and I had to do everything in my power just to get her to eat good.

My advice though, is just to give it a try. Give your pup dry food and see if he will eat it. Good luck



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I have always wet Nedra's kibble (she's 2 years old now)... It makes her eats slower and I feel better about it because of all that bloat stuff. I also mix in a bit of canned as well.

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