When is it gonna change??

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When are animals going to get the rights that they deserve?? They don't choose who takes them in, they don't choose where they live. They go with the people who picks them and where their people go. So why is it, that's it's still acceptible to hurt/kill someone else's pet?? Why is it ok to hurt/kill a pet when it's their owners who brought them into the situation. It's so sickening that people can do such horrible things to animals and get away with them. Here's the story that's got me all ticked off....

Cat Killer Acquitted of New Md. Law

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) - A landlord who shot and killed two cats after a tenant refused to get rid of them was acquitted of felony charges, the first court test of a new Maryland law designed to stiffen penalties for animal cruelty.

A judge ruled that Eric Grossnickle destroyed the cats in a legally acceptable manner when he blasted them with a 12-gauge shotgun.

``I don't like what he did, but it's not a crime under Maryland law,'' Circuit Judge Mary Stepler said on Wednesday.

The ruling left the cats' owner, April Ritch, frustrated and tearful.

``There is no justice whatsoever,'' Ritch said, clutching a tin box containing Babe's and Angel's remains. ``It's not a crime to take somebody's house pets from their home and shoot them and kill them?''

Grossnickle was also acquitted of theft, but convicted on two counts of malicious destruction of property, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Grossnickle did not deny shooting the cats, which were killed Oct. 1, the same day the animal cruelty law took effect. According to court testimony, he told Ritch five times to get rid of the cats or he would do it for her because they were reducing the home's value by damaging the walls and carpets.

Although the state prohibits inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on animals, it allows killing them humanely for food processing, hunting, scientific research, pest control, and agricultural practices.

Since Grossnickle killed the cats quickly, using a method accepted by farmers and with no intention of causing them unnecessary suffering, he did not break the law, Stepler said.

Assistant State's Attorney Laura Corbett said the cats were ``unnecessarily, unjustifiably and, therefore, cruelly killed.''

Court rules prohibit the state from appealing Stepler's verdict.

The judge said sentencing would be in six weeks but did not specify a date.

Grossnickle and his attorney, Richard P. Bricken, refused to comment afterward.

The animal cruelty law made deliberate acts of torture and mutilation of animals a felony instead of a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum jail term of three years.


So if I am reading this correctly.....you can enter a person's home and take their pets and shoot them just because you told them to get rid of them?!?! I know it's his house that he is renting, I understand the landlord wanting the pets to go, but if she refused to get rid of them, can't he just evict her? Why oh why kill them? That saddens me and I'd have to shoot him with a 12 gauge shotgun too if he did that to my pets. See if he thinks that is a humane way to go. smashicon :mad:


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Personally I would torch something near and dear to him ;) Many homeowners don't insure to the hilt - if he was worried about property values - he wouldn't have to worry any more :)


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I definately hear what you are saying Mandy. This is a sore subject with me. Recently in Philadelphia, I heard this on the news. I guy (17 yrs. old) beat a pit bull with a baseball bat. This guy did not own this dog, he saw it on the street. The owners of the dog said he must of got out of the yard and are heartbroken. The dog was in such bad shape, they decided to put it down. The jerk that beat the dog was caught and jailed and claims the dog hurt his dog. Also this jerk had a lot of drugs in his possession. They don't see this as a serious crime and it is a misdemeanor. This is so unfair, to this poor dog and his family. I feel this jerk should be beat with a baseball bat to see how it feels. I can't comprehend how people can do such awful things to animals.:(

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What the???!?!?!! That is unreal. How could that make sense to anyone! He went in took her cats and killed them with a shotgun and thats ok?? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!



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I don't understand how people can do these things. He didn't need to come in and take the cats. I agee with Loke that he could have evicted her instead of taking and killing the cats. If he felt it was necessary to take the cats why did he need to kill them? I'm sure there are animal shelters in Maryland that would have taken the cats off his hands. Why do people think it is ok to dispose of animals like they are trash? Oh, this makes me so angry! Animals deserve rights too!


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I must agree with everyone here. If someone hurt my cats, much less killed them, they would rue the day. I must say that my psychotic side would come flying out! It makes me so angry when people hurt animals. What is wrong with this world when an unsuspecting animal can be killed and nothing happen to the murderer who did it??


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I cannot believe that is not considered breaking the law!!!! It is sickening and totally inhumane!! Laws need to be changed as the ones in effect are disgustingly immoral.
Loke, I agree with you 100%. I would love to take a shotgun and cream the @$%#@$#$#!!!! After all, it's humane, right? *tsk*
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