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When did you start training for baby?

Discussion in 'Boxers & Children' started by LucNesbitt, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Rocco's Mom

    Rocco's Mom Super Boxer

    Sep 15, 2005
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    I had my DS 4 months ago today...Rocco was a month shy of 3 years old. Of coarse I turned to Boxerworld for suggestions about introductions etc. I do believe the best one was to come into the house by myself first to greet Rocco. He was able to get all his excitement out without barreling me over with a baby in my arms. DH brought him in after about 5 minutes set the carseat down on the kitchen floor and let Rocco investigate. He sniffed him then moved on. DH did bring home a blanket as well as the first little hat DS had on just after he was born.
    The other thing I did was put together some of the things we had prior to baby so Rocco could get used to them being in the house before there was a baby in them. Mainly the swing and stroller once the baby was in them Rocco was unphased!
    Rocco is great with DS and really surprised us how good he really was. Now when Daniel is on the playmat Rocco joins him on the side of it.
    Congratulations and I hope you have a great pregnancy.
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