When did boxers get a bad name?

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I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, and if so how do you deal with it? I live in the Florida Panhandle, and there are no dog parks in the area I live in. The only time I can socialize my boy with other dogs is walking him around the neighborhood. But I can't get anyone to let their dog play with mine, I even have some people turn around and go the other direction when they see me coming. I've only found a couple of people that will play, and some of them either are or were boxer owners, and know the breed. I was in line at the local pet store the other day and Maximus was sitting next to me. I had a kid come up and ask if he could pet him, and of course I said sure. Next thing I know the kids mom is scooping him up and backing away telling him that "Those are bad dogs". It's a little frusterating having people coming up asking how vicious my dog is and if it could take a pitbull. Where is all this coming from? Have I missed something in the news?


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I have experienced this a lot because people think boxers look like pit bulls. I know they can look intimidating, but they looking nothing like a pit bull. I was in a situation just like that and as the lady was taking her children to leave I kinda yelled out that boxers don't have mean bone in their body. She turned around and said "oh i thought it was a pit bull". Some people just don't know any better.


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so sad

I have experienced the same thing. My Nina is only 16 weeks and some people do cross the street. I think it has a lot to do with people having no idea about the loving nature of this breed. I must say i was one of those people before i read all about boxers.I never thought that they were ideal dogs with children. I have some people who love to be kissed and hugged by Nina but many onlookers stand back with fear.So i have experienced both sides i guess.
In my eyes it is very sad...as they are missing out on the best love there is.
Just last night i took the kids and Nina out for a walk and there was a mom with a 2 year old walking and the 2 year old wanted to pet her. I told her Nina loves kids but is still in trainning not to jump....and that it might frigten her daughter if she is unprepared to be slobbered with hugs and kisses.
If i was on my own without my kids i would have kept Nina on a short leash and just let the little girl pet her....but i had my hands full.
I feel it is my duty to explain to kids how Nina might react to them before they approach her....not everyone loves to be jumped on.


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i get this all the time. My vet and Iassume its because uneducated people think she looks like a pitbull. They literally do run in the other direction.


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I don't think boxers have been given a bad name. I just think its ignorant people who know nothing of the breed.
I dont know how many times I have been stopped by people who think my Zeus is a pittbull or an american bulldog. Which I find funny because Zeus is tall and looks nothing like a pittbull. I can see how people think he is ABD because he is tall and white.


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I'm glad people think my dog is scary. I can walk him at night without anyone bothering me, and he is a great anti theft device in the house. I leave the light on and the blinds open so that people can see him looking out the window.
Yeh. . .

It seems we have all had relatively the same experiences. Tomi was white and people would cross the street to pass us. It used to furiate me. But, I realized that people really do know nothing about dogs and the breeds out there. They think they do, but most of the time they get the boxer mixed up with a pitbull and a bulldog. I used to hear that numerous times from people. I have heard soooo much misinformation when it comes to the breed. I always wonder where people get their information. Especially when it comes to the white boxers. A vet tech told me..that because Tomi was white, he was more susceptible to cancer. I almost fell over. Cancer knows NO COLOR and regardless of his whiteness, it has nothing to do with the pigment of his skin. The specialty oncologist told me that and said he has no idea where she got her information from:LOL:


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The vet tech probably has horses. White and grey horses are more suseptable to melanomas. Most get them, but they are usually not cancerous. They are on other color horses.
no she didn't.

You are right about horses. I grew up riding my whole life. But, she was a roomate of a friend of mine and has never had horses. This is also the same person who told me dogs don't get cold symptoms and allergy symptoms. But my vet told me they do get both cold and allergy symptoms like us.


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I dont think anyone that truely knows dogs would ever misjudge a Boxers fantastic personality,howver for the other percentage of the population ignorance is bliss aparantly & they are the ones that miss outon the love our babies have to share. On that note though there are some breeders here that are breeding aggressive boxers & giving our breed a bad name :GRRR :(


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