when can you breed

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Never. :D

In my opinion, breeding should be left up to the "experts." People who are knowleable and serious about maintaining breed and health standards and willing to devote time, money and energy into breeding.

If your female is simply a pet and companion, I wouldn't breed her. There are just too many risks involved. How would you feel to lose her and end up a litter of puppies to care for?
There are also far too many homeless dogs to bring another litter into the world. l
Would you have pre-approved homes for all the puppies? Would you be willing to take the pups back of the homes didn't work out?

Please don't be offended--I'm not trying to be harsh.
Perhaps you're not considering breeding, but just curious. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, because I don't breed and don't plan to. :)


Hi Joshua -
Usually after the third season (around 2 years of age). And when all health testing is done. There were some concerns that I had about my Boxer and she didn't develop allergies until she was well over 2 years of age.... then if they are free of health issues you know your puppies would stand a better chance of being free of allergies and genetic problems.

Just an FYI - there are lots of Boxer Rescues out there with plenty of Boxers needing homes (as mentioned in previous post by Linda) and many of the people posting on this board are involved in Boxer Rescue in one form or another so the breeding issue tends to be sticky if you're not an expert. The board has some incredibly good advice and I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. I hope I answered your question.


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Joshua, please don't think about doing this unless you have health tested your dog, the stud as well as their line.
Don't do it unless you have been involved in rescue and see how many beautiful dogs (as well as ill-bred ones) there are that have been discarded.
Don't do it unless you are willing to take back any puppy you bring into the world (no questions asked) and keep or re-home.
Don't do it unless you have a fat reserve of money to take care of any problems with the pregnancy, whelping or puppies.
Really, I had a "Beautiful" female and was approached several times to breed her with some handsome stud (she was spayed). But she went on in her life to develop several health problems that probably would have been passed to her puppies, *after* the age you would start breeding.
Enjoy and love your dog and eat up all the compliments you get about how lovely and well-tempered she is. But please spay her and leave breeding to the ones who have made a science of it.


I agree...please don't consider breeding your boxer. If you need to ask when a boxer can be bred then you have not done any of your home work. Your dog should be tested for all kinds of thing before she is bred to make sure there are no problems.
As posted previously there are many many boxers in rescue that need homes with out adding to that. I deal with this everyday. Please go to a few rescue sites and see what is going on out there before you breed your girl.

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If you are breeding to make money off of your pet you should never breed. Visit your local shelter for a lesson in pet overpopulation and then go home and LOVE LOVE LOVE your boxer.

Oh yeah other reasons not to breed, you love your dog and just want "one" puppy from her (what will you do with all the others and trust me you'll love your nect dog just as much even if she isn't an offspring of a much loved pet), you want your children to experience the miracle of birth (rent a video), your friends all love your boxer and say they want one if you ever breed her .. (this usually never pans out, it's just something people say - then you have a litter of pups and it isn't the right time or we just got a dog or we're going to have a baby, we're moving, yadda yadda). OK I've probably left out some, but it's time for a walk.

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My questions about breeding were answered from Boxer books I have bought, canine breeding sites on the web, OFA's web site, and the breeders of my dogs. You will pick up tons of info from the web and the breeder of your female should be a good source of info also. Like others have stated there is a lot of time, money, and effort in breeding. It is very serious and should be a very long thought out process. Every thing must be in order before starting. I know a lot of people on this board suggest spay/neuter instead of breeding but all those Boxer breeders who have been around for a long time are not going to be here forever. Spay/neuter is a very good thing but if someone is interested in breeding Boxers it could be a good thing also provided they are educated and are willing to put their heart and soul into it. If everyone who shows an interest in breeding is advised to spay/neuter instead of being educated then as the educated breeders start to fade out they will be taking the Boxer with them. I do agree that if the person is not willing to do their homework and put forth the time, money, and effort required for breeding good Boxers then spay/neuter is the only option this person should consider.

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Alisha, I don't feel that no one should take up breeding boxers. I do feel that breeding of all dogs should be entered into only after careful consideration and research. Any prospective breeder's goals should be evaluated first. Too many people are breeding for the wrong reasons which only hurts the dogs (who wind up in the shelter) and the great breeders who are out there doing excellent work.

I would love to breed boxers, but considering the dog overpopulation we have in this country I don't feel that I can add more dogs to a world where 8 to 12 million of them a year don't even have a home to begin with. I have thought about one day (when we move away from Miami and retire) acquiring a top quality bitch with a contract from an excellent breeder to show her and produce one litter in co-operation with the breeder to be sold through the original breeder. I am also looking into becoming a puppyraiser for a service org, they are the people who raise , do basic training and socialization for puppies from 8 weeks to approx. 10-14 months old before the dog goes for its final training then placement. My husband is worried that I'll get too attached to the puppies, but I think I'll be so glad that they will have such a wonderful job in life I won't mind too much, plus then we can get the next puppy for raising which would be a big distraction!
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