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Just curious...
When you take your dogs to the vet, do you go into the examining room with them or have to wait outside?

Every vet we've been to, I've always gone in with them, except for when Remy was getting taped after his ear crop.

A while ago, I saw a report on one of those news programs (Primetime or Dateline or something) about a vet who was abusive to his "patients." They had a hidden camera and showed him striking a dalmation that acted fearful during the exam. :mad:
I wouldn't worry about anything like that at our clinic--I trust them. But it does make you think.


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Our vet is very kind and we always go in with them, I would think if I where a Vet. I would want the owners there to hold there head if I am giving a dog a shot. Max & Puckers take there shot very well but I dont know about other dogs.


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Yes!! I always go in with them at the vets, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If a vet ever told me I couldn't go into the examining room, then I would refuse to let him look at my dog, and would be seeking a new vet. I feel it makes the animal more relaxed and as well I can assist the vet in holding them and answer any questions he/she may have. I never allowed my son to go into see the doctor without me, so I certainly would not allow a vet to examine my dog without being present.


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I agree!

I agree with both Jean and Rob. I'd be suspicious if the vet wouldn't let me come in. I thought that was the norm.
But it seems I've heard people on this board mention that the dog went in and then the vet came out to talk with them.
I always go in with my pups. I think it makes them feel safer and calm. Plus...we are the best handlers of our dogs. They listen to others but listen better to us.

My vet clinic is very small, I know everyone by name and I feel very safe with my dogs there. The vet staff has always been supportive of me as a first time mom :LOL:


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During a routine check up of course I go into the examining room. Dempsey is my baby and just as I wouldn't allow my son to be examined without either my wife or myself being there, I wouldn't allow my furbaby to be poked and prodded without me or Janice there. Now emergency situations would be another story. Thankfully we haven't had any, but if we did I wouldn't want to be in the way of someone that's trying to save my baby's life.


I too go in with my guys to comfort them. Although they really don't need it. I think it makes me feel better than them :D
I do know some people who do not go in with their guys as the dog is better behaved that way. They know their vet and have been going to him for years so there is no worry of abuse.


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We've always gone in with them. I couldn't imagine any vet not wanting it that way. You have to speak for your dog, telling the vet any problems or concerns you might have. Plus the vet should be asking you questions as he is examining them (during checkups).

Plus the fact that they are "kids" and little kids always want their Mom/Dad to go in with them.


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I always go in with mine too. One thing I would like to mention though, is that if they take blood they take them to another area where we don't go...is this normal? It has never bothered me but I was curious if this is routine at most places?
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