What would your dog do if . . .

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Amy Lyn

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. . . you suddenly fell to the floor unconscious and couldn't get up?

I decided to test this out with Wagner and see what his reaction would be. I've seen some miracle animals on tv who had, by an act of God, saved the owners life in some way or another. So, I wanted to try it.

I laid down on the floor when Wagner wasn't paying attention. He came running over and started biting and clawing at my head, eating my hair (actually rolling around on the ground with my hair in his mouth), et cetera. I finally had to get up before really hurt me.

I've come to the conclusion that if I am ever in need of help, when someone does actually find me, they will think I have been brutally tortured, when, in all actuality, it was just my dog who had done all the torturing!

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Amy Lyn
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Gillian D

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ok... LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL....how funny was that!!!!!!!!... I can just picture you on the ground!!!!!!.. I guess we won't be seeing Wagner on a TV special anytime soon!!!!... well a least your pup noticed you!!!!....

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Hehe he..that was a funny scene.....So Wagner is no life saver!!!

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I love it! Because of your picture on Jennifer's site, I've got a good mental image of you doing this...hysterical. Actually, I think Wagner did a pretty good job especially considering his young age! Funny post!


Lady would have probably called 11 or something equally effective..she was just that kind of dog. Zelda would lick me clean for the mortician and Tess falls somewhere in the middle, she would have licked me all over, wondered why I wasn't resisting and would have pestered my hubby until he followed her to me. When we are out at my in-laws or Aunt's where there are HUGE yards, if I ask "Where's the baby Tess?" she will run and find our 20 month old and will come back and look at me with those doe eyes until I follow her! SHe is great!


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My son fell on our cement patio yesterday and Baxter stood there barking (which is unusual for him) until I came out to see what was wrong.
Makes a mom proud...
If he would of been faking Baxter would have pawed and played at him ... but they can tell the difference!!! Way to go Baxter!!!

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LOL....LOL....LOL.... That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Amy Lyn:
. . . I've come to the conclusion that if I am ever in need of help, when someone does actually find me, they will think I have been brutally tortured, when, in all actuality, it was just my dog who had done all the torturing!


That is sooo funny! That wasn't what I expected when I read the first sentence of your post!!!! hee-hee!!! That's great!


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LOL!! Oh man.... hey if you can't get some air time on Wild Rescues, you can probably send the tape to Funniest Animals!
I'm sure in Wagner's mind he was just trying to wake you up! He he! Better luck next time!

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My opinion is that your boxer knew you were testing him and thought he would get the best of you....


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