What to feed boxer puppy?

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Hello my name is Josh and my girlfriend and I just got our 8 week old female boxer named Dakota. She is doing fine and my concern right now is what to feed her and how much. I would just like to know what is the best food out their for her. The last thing I want to do is get her fat. If anyone has suggestions that would be great. Thanks

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What was the breeder feeding her? She should have been sent home with at least a 3 day supply of that food. If the food is a good quality premium food, I would leave her on that, at least for now. She must be on puppy food also.

If you do switch her, you need to do so GRADUALLY!!

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My husband Dan and I have a new 8 week old Boxer puppy named Autumn Star. When we picked her up (1.5 weeks ago), she was eating mostly rice cereal (baby rice cereal) and a little puppy chow. We took her to our vet the next day, and he recommended decreasing the rice cereal and increasing the puppy chow (she's on Eukanuba Puppy Chow). We have slowly done that. I tried her on just puppy chow alone but she didn't seem to go for it, so I give her mostly puppy chow (3-4 times a day) plus some rice cereal in it. She's doing well on it. I'm also starting to add in some other stuff - all I've tried is a little cooked chicken at this point, just a few pieces added to her dish. She also has swiped a little adult dog food out of our other dog's dish and has done fine.

Remember, these little ones need to grow - I don't think she will get fat as long as she's getting plenty of exercise. Star loves to play and bat balls around, etc. I've been taking her outside a lot to walk/run in our yard.

Good luck with your pup! I grew up with Boxers, but this is my first one in over 20 years. They are great dogs.

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Megan eats Nutro for Large Breeds puppy food. We decided to go with that brand because it is more natural and doesn't have by products. Nutro does both canned and dry food for puppys and adults (for when she is older.)

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Congrats on your new baby. When my Tucker came home he was eating Eukanuba Puppy. Then we switched all of our clan to Nutro. My boxers eat the Large breed adult (it comes in a puppy formula too)and my fat lab eats the Lite. Nutro is great because they use vitamin E as a preservative (rather than chemicals.) All of mine love it. Good Luck.

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