What to do with my 9 month old boxer! LONG Reading Sorry :(

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I had Tyson first and he is the perfect boxer. He was so good that i wanted another one. Be careful what you pray for. I got Lennox and all i can say is WOW.

:LOL: This is us big time. We got Cody.......perfect angel, wonderful boxer...how could you ask for anything better. We felt we had to get another, because if one is great...my word two must be the best thing ever. Enter Aniah, spawn of Satan, devil's child evilicon .....but so pretty you just can't help but love her ;) . :LOL:

To the OP you have lots of great suggestions so far.....I will only add that consistancy is key, which I do believe has already been mentioned. Everyone in the house has to respond to her in the same ways, everytime. If not, then instead of one step forward, two steps back. You lose about 4 steps for every one.
There were many days that the words, I HATE that (bleep) dog came out of my mouth many times. She was a trial that I would not wish on my enemy. However with lots of work and time for her to grow and mature she is now (at three years old) a great little girl who we love very much. She still has the devil in her, but that is part of her charm......and we wouldn't have her any other way.
Good Luck :)


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Ahhhh yes, you have a bratty puppy boxer on your hands, that's it:) I say that with the utmost kindness, not agressive at all from the sounds of it but pretty typical.

Oh, if I told you the stories of when Raleigh was that age, I laugh about it now, he was a whirlwind from sun up to sun down and I really mean that, moving faster than a speeding bullet and pulled your hair half out, he would fall asleep around midnight, it was like clockwork, wherever he was he'd fall straight to sleep, my husband would say "He's going down..." ( and we'd be like, thank god!) I kid you not, then sometimes he would be up a few hours later ready to play, I was exhausted, I felt as though I had a new born baby:)

We absolutely love him to death but to be honest, at that time it was very trying and would get on your last nerve.

Totally agree with getting your pup to use his mind, right now he's just in to everything and all over the place with a TON of energy, we would put Raleighs toys under a laundry basket (thought of that one when he was trying to take off with it in to the back yard:)...and he can figure out how to get them out.

Wear him out, unfortunately I hear of a lot of boxers being re-sold around this age as the owners find them just too hyper...not saying this is you at all...but it will pass, it will, they still have a lot of energy later on but not to that extent.

All my boxers have had different personalities, my old boxer Morrissey was nutty hyper and the funniest character (Raleigh was super dooper hyper) whereas Brooster was just an old soul, very laid back, but we rescued him when he was 4.

Great suggestions in the above posts, hang in there:)

Raleigh, 5 year old Brindle wild boy x

Morrissey and Brooster, Fawn males, 11 years old, always in our hearts, at the bridge xx

Oops, though he was 7 months too (???) 9 months...yep, he's bigger.
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