What to do during the day?

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By the time you go back to school in the fall he will be around 5 months old, which means he should be able to hold it for 6 hours. I assume that you will gone longer than that, so crating is not really an option. You really don't want him messing in his crate and I wouldn't want to force him into having to do that. :( I think the kitchen or the bathroom would be better options. You can get some really long gates at pet supply places. I would still crate train him though as it's really important that your pup be comfortable in a crate, if only for when he may have to stay at the vet for any reason.

I personally wouldn't want him going out into the back yard unattended when you are not home. There is just too much danger of him escaping or having him stolen.

Good luck with your pup! :)


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Have you considered using a pet sitting/walking service for a while until Fenric is old enough to have the run of the house? You could crate him and then someone could come after about 4 hours and take him out to relieve himself and for a little playtime and then recrate him until you get home. I've used one before and it worked out great. Ask your vet or your trainer may be able to give you name. Some are even bonded/insured if you are concerned.

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I would suggest the crate as well or one room which is barracaded off. The best solution would be too have someone come by sometime during the day to let him out to go potty (like a pet sitter).
As he gets older you can give him more freedom.
As far as the yard and him digging, I don't know. My dogs have never dug under a fence before but I have heard of boxers jumping fences to. My suggestion would be to monitor him out in the backyard when you are at home and get a feel for how well behaved he is likely to be out there. However, I think he is way too young to be allowed access to the yard while you are not there.
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Letting him go outdoors is not a good idea at his age. He will develop many bad habits when left unsupervised. My guess is that he will amuse himself by barking at people and animals passing by. This will irritate the neighbors. It could cause one to try to injure him. And yes, someone could steal him to sell for money. Yes, he could dig under the fence, but this would take some time. However, he will dig up your yard. (Mine does..and I am at home!).

As second best choice, I lean towards the barricaded room for the time being. As he gets older, you will either gain confidence...or lose it..in him staying home alone. I have rarely left my boxer home alone longer than four hours at a time, but it still has not been before nine or ten months. She stays in a barricaded room with a couch, food and water. She has not had an accident yet, but she is not as young either.

If you crate him, I am assuming he will not be crated all night long as he gets older. Figuring that you crate him at night and then during the day...he will spend 14 to 16 hours in a crate. This gives him ten hours at the most to spend with people and exercise. When you want to come home and relax, he will be full of energy and ready to play. My hope is that you have determined how you will exercise him. You do have a fenced in backyard which helps when you have a busy schedule.

But in conclusion, my best choice would be a pet sitter of sorts. Maybe a college student can come over during the day or a neighbor can stop by. Your dog will want to have some human company. I feel for you...it is a hard decision.


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I am also a teacher a face the thought of once again crating our baby during the day. Fortunately, grandma lets him out at lunch. A head's up about the bathroom. We tried that ONCE....and never again. Although the accidents would be (in theory) easy to clean up, he track the poo EVERYWHERE!!! Also, he got bored and scratched the heck out of the inside of the door, so be careful if that's what you try. Bettis is at a point now where he actually doesn't mind going into his crate!!!


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Jan said:
I think the kitchen or the bathroom would be better options. You can get some really long gates at pet supply places.

The question I have about gates- won't he just jump over them? The only one I have found that is long enough is on 32 inches tall. He can't get over that now, but it probably won't be too long until he can.

To close off the breakfast nook would require a 9 foot gate!
To restrict him to the game room/library and kitchen would require a 5 footer, and that leaves him with plenty of carpet and the bookshelf.

You can see the floor plan of my house here to see what I am talking about. (What they call family room is our game room/library)


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Actually, the 32 inch gate will hold him quite well. I have used 24 inch gates successfully. It is amazing how after awhile, the gate symbolizes how far and no further. I have used a 12 inch toy bike to hold a boxer in a room...of course, then I was home.

Now I use a 32 inch gate leaning on the doorway. Emma could push it over. I "barricade" her in "her" 16 ft by 12 ft family room with a different 36 inch high accordian gate which just stands on the 58 inch hallway. Yes, she could knock it over. (Of course, for a puppy, the gate will be firmly in place).

My only caution with any room used is be sure that nothing is available that could harm him. My boys have found out the hard way that Emma can and will chew anything they leave around. In a bathroom, there are also many other dangers.

By the time he gets old enough to jump the gate, my guess is that he won't.


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Ranvan, that is very encouraging. I guess we'll just have to try.

And also, should we lay down newspapers for him? We never paper trained him, as we wanted him to always go outside. Will it mess with his little mind too much if we do such a thing? Would he even know to go on the paper? Or would it be best to just clean up any presents when we get home, and try to convince him that outside is still the only "acceptable" place for such activies?

Life with a dog was so much easier when I was a child and my mom was the one responsible for all this stuff :D.

-mrs. beren


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We started leaving Roxy in her crate when she was about 12 weeks old. We would use the rule of # of months old + 1 and then every month we would bump up the time we could be gone. She is a pro now at 9 months old! (maximum time is 8 hours ever!)

We are not gone that long on a regular basis, but it's good to know how long you have, and know that you won't have to clean up when you get back.

There are doggy daycares that you could use for the first 2 months you are back at school. This might cost a little more, but you'll have a happy, tired puppy and it's only for 2 months!

We left Roxy out in the living room yesturday for the 2nd time ever (1st was way to soon at 5 month old). It went very good. The only thing chewed up was 1 of the cat's mice. He must have brought it in there to play with her!

Good luck!


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Ranvan said:
. My hope is that you have determined how you will exercise him.

Yesterday we introduced him to dog parks. Wonderful things.

And today we completely wore him out working on the come command. My wife and I sat on opposite ends each with a handful of his dinner and called him back and forth.

I enjoy taking him on walks, but his age makes me limit the time :-(

Playing with dogs is my idea of a leisure activity (even active play) so I'm hoping exercise won't be too much of a problem.
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