What other pets do you have?

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Rebelle's Mom

Boxer Booster
OK guys, I know we're all addicted to boxers, but what other non-boxer pets do you have?

As for me, I have my 2 precious boxer babes, Rebelle and Copper. 2 domestic shorthair cats, Tigger and Salem, and my newest editions, 2 Columbian Redtail Boa Constrictors, Scarlett and Damian.

My friends are affectionately starting to call my house "The Zoo" LOL


Boxer Buddy
I have a domestic shorthair, Spots. She is a little bit over-weight :(. I also have a bearded dragon, T-Rex. We call him Little T. Believe me, I would have more animals if my husband allowed it :LOL:.


Besides Ruby, I have a white cat; Tofu, two outdoor black cats, Marino (kitten) and Dindi (mom) and an aquarium of saltwater fish and an eel (Juan Valdez). :) A virtual farm.


Boxer Buddy
I have 2 boxers China and Jazz, a Shi tzu (?sp) named Oscar that is 2 years old, a Cockatiale (?sp) named Suger that is 12 years old, and some freshwater fish, 1 son Dakota that is 5 years old, 1 daughter Bailey that is 21 months old, and yes a husband.
I am a stay at home mother and believe me my life is full of excitment. :LOL:
Also hope to get another snake soon our last one got loose and we never found him. :eek:

Lisa M

Completely Boxer Crazy
Well, I talk about Sumi all the time, so of course, Sumi and we were adopted by a tabby cat this summer, so Bella. Plus we have tub gardens with fish in them. The house is full!


Boxer Pal
The sunshines of my life are Bella of course my boxer. Then there is Turbo my 10 yr old blk chow My son has a 6 month old black kitten named Oliver. And my olderst son has 3 Hermit crabs Little man, Sebation, and big bubba. And I'm looking for a new little sister for Bella then my house will be full.... But never too full.
We have two furbabies and two birds. Tweety a female lutino cockatiel and Silver a normal grey male cockatiel. I will admit that I like the dogs more than the birds :)


Originally posted by Elsa
Besides Ruby, I have a white cat; Tofu, two outdoor black cats, Marino (kitten) and Dindi (mom) and an aquarium of saltwater fish and an eel (Juan Valdez). :) A virtual farm.

Elsa, can I ask why you have 2 cats that are strictly "outdoor cats?" We have several neighbors that have cats that are never allowed in the house and they are nuisances - stealing other animals food, pooping in others' yards, trying to find a garage or a car to sleep in - and of course, loud cat fights at 3AM. I just don't understand why they do this. I also cannot fathom why people get dogs and leave them outdoors nearly 24/7.
It probably doesn't sound like it..........but honestly, I don't mean to pick on you, I just don't understand the rationale. Unless, perhaps you live in the country and need "mousers" in a barn.

As for our other pet, we have a nearly 19 year old cat. She was feral, dumped at a local Jr. College in the foothills as a kitten. It took me a week to get her to come close enough to touch. She has repaid us for rescuing her by being snooty, aloof and demanding! But she is beautiful and will cuddle occasionally. She tolerates Mack and sometimes gets in his bed with him and other times acts like he is the devil incarnate! She is starting to go downhill, and I believe is becoming incontinent and a little senile as well as deaf - but she has a forever home with us and a warm place wherever she chooses to be in the house or yard.


does livestock count?

Siddartha, boxer/golden mix, 2 yrs old
Nanuq, great pyrenees/australian shepherd mix(we think), 5 months old
Sasha, solid gray cat, 5 yrs old
Bowie, my daughter's pet rat with 2 different colors of eyes, 2 years old

And outside:
Ecstasy, French Alpine dairy goat, 3 yrs old
Venus, her daughter, 10 months old
(plus some baby goats when Ecstasy has them)
3 rabbits
15 chickens, including 3 roosters
12 baby chicks(in the house!:rolleyes: ) to replace the hens that the bobcat has eaten
3 wild mallards who don't know that they're wild, or that they are supposed to migrate
2 domestic ducks
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