What kind of outdoor toys do you have?

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Lets see... clumps of mud from when daddy weeded his garden, mouthfuls of mulch from when they "help" in the flower garden and Oh! yes, they LOVE the pine cones. They also have a soccer ball, a deflated basketball, several cuz's, a softball.

On another note, my husband mentioned putting in a a tether ball for them the other day, I didn't think it was a good idea but now reading these posts I'm gonna give DH the "green light" on that project :)

Alex C.

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Aside the normal balls in the yard, I have a rope hanging from my tree that runs through the middle of a piece of particle board. It's actually a swing for when kids comeover. Well Brandi loves that thing. She tugs on the piece of rope underneath the board. It's really great too because it gives her great excercise. You should see how her muscles bulge when she tugs on it.


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We have a couple frisbees, some tennis ball/rope combo things, but the favorites are the rake, the hostas, and the black tarp thing that is supposed to go under the mulch! Oh and the 4 yr old next door provides hours of entertainment for Jackson as well!


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Outdoor Toys

electric1 said:
ABBY has a few tennis balls, a crouquet ball, a junior sized basketball, a couple of chew toys, plastic bottles, and whatever else she can sneak out of the house with.

I am so glad that I am not the only one with plastic bottles in my backyard. I have gotten odd looks from the neighbors. Cooper loves his 2 litre bottles and the large 1 gallon water bottles. We also have a football, soccer ball various stuffed toys that have not met their fate in the lawnmower yet. (Poor Sonic). Shoes ... thankfully they had already been outgrown and were left in the back muddy. We have the official treasure pile also (The treasures that were found in the grass that shouldn't have been there). Pieces of wood, sticks, and lately the newest toy seems to be the coil type hose that we have in the backyard. It is like a big slinky-groans-.


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To many :LOL: lots of different ball's there favorite is a glow in the dark basketball, lots of rubber toy's and a swimming pool on the way :p

Lola's mum

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Hmmmm let me see, plants, grass, mud, my pebble fountain and not forgetting my daughters trampoline.

Oh you mean real toys ;) my two have balls, rope toys, cuz's out there but they prefer MY stuff! Grrrrr.


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My husband made the best toy for Punchie. It's a really long stick with some green canvas material velcroed to one end. SHE LOVES IT! It's her favorite toy, more than all the ones we actually spent money on. :LOL:

She also loves to chase tennis balls.


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Boomer has a few toys around the house, but the only time any of them become outdoor toys is when we're over at mom & dad's house and he's playing keep away from 1 1/2 year-old Coco.

Coco and Dani will play with almost anything. It seems that Coco's favorite toys are the plastic pots that plants come in. I think there are pieces of at least twenty pots all over their backyard. The small pieces are picked up of course.

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