What kind of flooring works best for boxers

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The main floor of my house is Pergo and tile - puppy proof. :)

I would disagree with a couple of the pergo warnings listed above...I've had nothing but positive experiences with it. My cleaning service is notorious for overwatering plants - so I often come home to puddles of water around them, and it cleans up beautifully...(the cleaning service, not so much. ;) )
I did one repair when I moved in, where the previous owners had dopped a hammer end on a piece of pergo and it was *SO* much easier to replace then chipping away tile.

Generally, for walking around, pergo not at all slippy.....however Princess loves to stand at the top of the stairs, race down and slide across the pergo floors and crash into a wall. Also, she usually wipes out at the corners if she tries to run around the house...(which is actually a good thing cause it slows her down!) Also, even when her nails are a bit longer, it doesn't show scrapes or nail marks...That certainly wasn't my experience with solid hardwood floors.

Tile looks great, but if you are the least bit clumsy like me, be prepared to take out a second mortgage to replace the glasses, bottles of wine, condiments etc that will inevitably drop. wackicon

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Here's a link to Pergo's warranty info, there are several different types of Pergo so there are also several kinds of warranty. Our home depot had an ad in Sunday's paper and the warranty coverage sounded just like the 15 pergo standard warranty. Like I said, I didn't like the wording of "resists" water damage and damp moping (I steam clean my stone floors) and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to wipe everything up right away. And there is the clause saying that leaks, floods, or standing water aren't covered.


The one that seems to have the most coverage reads as follows:

Pergo® Preferred Limited Wall-To-Wall Residential Warranty

Pergo Inc. warrants Pergo® Preferred for 25 years from the date of purchase that:
1. The laminate surface will not wear through.
2. The floor will not fade due to sun or electrical lights.
3. The floor will not stain.
4. The floor will resist water damage from everyday spills, damp mopping and household appliance leaks on the surface of the floor when removed promptly.

The Pergo® Limited Wall-To-Wall Warranty is made subject to the following conditions:

The flooring must be installed properly in accordance with Pergo Inc.'s installation instructions. The installation instructions can be obtained by contacting 1-800-33-PERGO (1-800-337-3746) or through a retailer.

Proper installation includes, but is not limited to, performing a moisture test to determine if excessive moisture exists in the subfloor and use of a 6-mil. polyethylene film vapor barrier on concrete subfloors.

The flooring must be used only indoors in residential areas.

Surface wear must not have occurred as a result of incorrect maintenance or accidents, such as damage caused by scratching, impact or cutting.

Surface wear must be readily visible (i.e., approximately 1/2 square inch).

Warranty does not apply to other water damage, including water damage caused by flooding, standing water (water that remains on the floor for more than 30 minutes), leaking pipes, household mechanical failures, or damage caused by water underneath the flooring, including damage from subfloor hydrostatic pressure (water under the floor that is transmitted to the surface through exerted pressure) or other conditions that result in water being below the flooring.

The warranty does not apply to Pergo moldings.

Installation of flooring that contains any manufacturing defect is not covered by this warranty. *

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Originally posted by Lisa M
Here's a link to Pergo's warranty info
The flooring must be installed ...y is down! Now just to get the Pergo down :p

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I'm not sure if or how Home Depots vary from state to state, but I was just at ours and the warranty ours has is the same as the pergo warranty but it extends their warranty for 5 additional years - for a total of 20 years.

If you really want to be sure - check your paperwork. Sadly, sometimes the sales people just "yes" you to death to make a sale and then when there is a problem it goes something like: "You talked to Eddie who? ... Yeah, well he's not here any more. Did you read your papers? Did you see paragraph 12 section 103 where it says the installer must wear purple pom poms on the last night of the harvest moon ... Well, do you have proof of this, mam? Because if not, we aren't responsible for this - I'd like to help you out, but we just can't."

So whatever they say - get them to put it in writing for you. We've done lots of renovations and have learned some things the hard way - which is why I'm so suspicious now :p

If it is true it sounds like you have a great warranty - I'd have gotten the Pergo, if my Home Depot offered a warranty like that for sure.


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We have wood, carpet and linoleum. Personally Megan doesn't like the linoleum. I say this because if you tell her to sit in the kitchen where the linoleum is she goes into the living room on the carpet to sit. It is kind of funny. We have only been in the house for about a year and got Megan shortly after so far all the floors are holding up good except the rug which needs replacing.

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I will do some more checking for sure, thanks for the concern. I do feel confident. I have talked to a contractor that installs pergo, and he said he gets the same warranty for his clients. He has done one repair job where a client dropped something on the floor and it scratched, Home Depot fixed it no problems.
I will read everything and get it all settled before the pergo comes out of the boxes.rulesicon
I have an aunt that has pergo and it still looks as good as the day she installed it a few years ago.
I am hoping the water issue isn't an issue anyway. I've spilled water of course but never in 10 years that I have lived on my own have I had any water problems with water damage and had a large amount of water on the floor. Basement flooded once though! The pergo is on the main level, well above ground level, and above most plumbing that may burst or freeze. Anyway, house insurance covers water damage ;)
I just love the look of the pergo and it is definitely better than what we had!
Thanks again though for the warning :)
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