What is your opinion..Does this boxer meet Standards or not..I say no...

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So yes I will admit that I fell into the trap of being naive and overly excited to get my first boxer and not do the research. I made who I thought was a friend and she was what she said a well reputated (SP?) breeder who had several litters under her belt. And I thought oh ok she had many happy customers let me wait for her next litter. Mind you I am drawn to the standard classic traditional boxer look, short muzzles, wrinkles great conformation and temperament, which once again did not know the first thing about conformation, I just knew what I likes from looking..
I did make it quite clear that I wanted a true to standard boxer and had an interest in getting into show. I asked her what I thought were the right questions, she has a 3 generation pedigree for her dogs, they were health tested...mind you just a wellness check not the health testing that I know about now, had papers and all her dogs on sight. 4 females and 1 male. She told me how she loves this breed and just wants to find wonderful homes, and she wanted to start showing her dogs as well. She was like a mentor in a way....but now I know she is nothing of the sort and just a BYB.
I was put on a waiting list, and when the puppies were whelped was sent pictures. I fell in love with the flashiest mahogany male and was like he is the one. I asked if I could wait a few weeks to see how he would turn out before I placed my non refundable deposit and was told no it had to be in the next few days as she had others on her list...should have been a big red flag. So we drove down and saw him at 10 days old and made the deposit.
We were assured he would be to standard a great one to show and breed down the road if we so chose. So I was like ok great, and for a wonderful price..Should have know better.
Fast forward to now 9 months later. He still has accidents in the house and is not potty trained...drinks water like he has never seen it and let me tell you we have tried everything. Crate trained, tethered, let out every 15 min..and he will go days and not have an accident and then the inevitable. He can not focus and pee he just walks and lets it go like he has no control, or just can't focus...he has like no attention span. We have been in contact with her and have told her, mind you another one of her dogs was returned to her for the same thing, and she placed the blame on the owner, and did not refund any money and turned around and resold her. She told me I didn't dedicate enough time, that it was my fault, and so on. I had also told her he was not what I was expecting looks wise, his muzzle to long, off set ears, and so on. She said no I was wrong and he is show quality amoung other things. I told her that I loved him very much and loved his personality but was disappointed in not getting what I was told I was, and his peeing issues. That I was thinking of re homing him to someone who could maybe help him but wanted to give him back to her, and wanted our money back. She was furious and stated that in her "contract" that we would not get a refund. And we could not re home him, that no matter what that all puppies would go back to her for her to rehome, this way she would always know where they are. Mind you make a profit to. I told her that was not right..there is something wrong with him and so on, not to mention she mislead us.
I just want some other opinions on this topic. I am including some pics as well. There are a lot of things that I notice now about her that I wish i caught before, like breeding a white female...which I know is not ethical. I love white boxers, but I believe they should not be bred. I just needed to vent. I don't love him any less, just upset that there are these type of people out here.
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He is a beautiful dog but I don't know whether or not he is show quality because I have never gotten into that with my dogs. I have loved all of them because they are my babies.

I don't think it is right for you to rehome him just because he is having accidents in the house. Are you still potty training him or have you given up on that. To me it sounds like you need to go back to Puppy Training 101 and take him out when he first wakes up, after every meal and at least twice before you go to sleep for the night.

If you are not using the crate anymore you may need to go back to that. I cannot recall the age that someone here said that already trained dogs forget what they learned but that may be the cause of your pup.

Please take the time to train him correctly and I think you will have a wonderful loving dog for a long time to come.


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In all due respect we do take him out to potty when he gets up after he eats and even more than that...like clock work every 30 minutes. Yes he is still crated and he pees in there, and it is not a little. I love him to much to rehome him but I think there is something more going on and the "breeder" is not being completely honest about her dogs. I just needed to vent out and hear others opinions. I love him very much. He is super sweet loving and a huge cuddle bug. I said it to her to see basically if she would say anything.. I have had rescues so I would never give up on another dog. I just feel like she shouldn't be breeding and don't want other to potentially get a puppy from her that may have a condition. I was thinking of taking him to the vet and have some tests done. I am worried it could be something serious...Or maybe it is that he is just so high strung he can't focus with the other dogs around.


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I don't show dogs but to me his head and muzzle don't look correct and his earset could be off, but he looks like a purebred to me.

As for the peeing stuff... Have you mentioned it to your vet? Increased or excessive drinking, excessive urination, and urinating uncontrollably are medical issues. I'd have a urinalysis done at least. Once that came back clear, and if the vet ruled out other medical causes, I'd go back to basics on the potty training. Dogs don't come preprogramed to pee outside so if there is no medical issue, the issue is usually incomplete or inconsistent housetraining on the part of the human.
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I agree with Twodogs. It sounds like a medical issue. I would get him in for a check up and have his urine tested and some blood work done.

As for the breeder, I think you are dealing with one of those live and learn situations. I would report her to the Better Business Bureau. Some states or local governments require breeders to be licensed, if this is true where you are, report her to the licensing board. If there is a place to write reviews for her online somewhere, you can give her a bad review. I you do give a review be sure to stick to the facts only, and do not put in anything you can't back up.


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I don't know about it being a pure boxer or not as I'm not an expert; however, to take the side of the breeder... I'd say that urination issues is not a cause for return. Having said that, I would think a good breeder would be open to talking about the situation as they would have the puppies best interest at heart.

The first stop we had with our pup when I bought her was the vet for a full blood work/health check. They did a lot of different test to make sure she was healthy. I trusted our breeder and felt like I had done the research on finding a good breeder (and we did have a good breeder), but I still wanted to know exactly where we stood from day one. We had a few minor issues that we treated, but nothing genic wrong that could be told at that time.

I would recommned a full screening at the vet if you have not done so already. My guess is that the urination issues will subside with age or if it's medical will be cured relativly quickly with the vet.

BTW, a beautiful dog... I can see where she would attach herself to your heart quickly!
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