What is your favorite local food?

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Just thought I'd get a discussion to find out more about the places we all live. We are such a diverse group. Okay, I admit, I don't travel much out of California and want to take a virtual tour of the world!!
Here we have a very interesting tradition. On the weekends local charities put up barbeque stands on the streets and sell food. We call it Santa Maria style barbeque. Tradition has tritip ( or top block) barbequed over oak with pinquito beans, salsa, salad and garlic bread. Usually costs about $5. All funds go to the charity and run by volunteers. Sometimes you can find chicken or ribs as well. Seems like every parking lot has a barbeque going every weekend.

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That's a very nice tradition :) We don't have anything like this here (pity) anyway my favourite Russian food is 'golubtsy'. I guess you don't have them, it's minced meat mixed with a small amount of rice and wrapped in cabbage leafs and everything is stewed. Mmmmm.... very delicious! The only disadvantage of the dish is - it takes quite a lot of time to cook it ;)

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Marina, I'm of Polish decent and my family makes something that sounds just like what your talking about. I do not know how to spell it but it is pronounced "gawonki". I have to admit, I don't really like it :( .

My favorite local food is probably anything made with the Maryland Blue crab (although many of our crab items come from Louisiana now, but we cook them MD style). Let's see...I like steamed crabs, lump crab cakes, crab fluffs, crab balls, cream of crab soup, crab imperial and crab dip with crackers! MMMMMmmmm!!!


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I'm with you, Robyn. Give me steamed blue crabs anyday! Or any food item seasoned with Old Bay for that matter! (for non-Marylanders, Old Bay seasoning is the red peppery mix of spices we use to make real Maryland steamed crabs, crabcakes, crab dip, potato chips, or anything else.)
It kills me when I go to restaurants outside of Maryland and they advertise "Maryland crab cakes" and they don't even know what Old Bay is!


Riley's Mom: Old Bay! I love that stuff! I have friend that I recently visted in Morgan Hill, CA, he's originally from the East Coast (I'm not sure where) and we bbq'd and he had the BEST shrimp I ever tasted, all he did was steam them and season them with Old Bay spice! When I got back to AZ, I bugged him to send me some of that Old Bay, so now I have myself a can in the spice cupboard - way in the back - it's now my "secret" ingredient in all my dishes! :D That's some GOOD stuff!

We don't have anything like Ninersneal said, but we do have lots of Mexican food, and Southwestern food, and Native American foods; unfortunately, I don't like too many Southwestern dishes because they are very spicy and I have yet to try many of the Native American foods I come across. :(

I do miss coffee shops and bagels! Arizona doesn't believe in a morning shot of expresso and a bagel at 5:30 a.m. :( Oh well.

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Since Pensacola is on the Gulf of Mexico, the restaurants here specialize in seafood dishes. My favorite seafood is shrimp. Especially fried shrimp...ummmm, I'm having an intense craving as I speak. I like to buy my own freshly caught shrimp at the seafood market and either fry it or saute it in butter. I also love Mexican food, and we have this restaurant called the "Taco House" that has the absolute BEST Mexican food I've ever had. BBQ is really big in Pensacola, as well as fried chicken. What can I say, we're in the deep south, so fried chicken is a mainstay for us.

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Julie - Florida seafood is the best! My husband and I vacation in Cocoa (where my dad-in-law lives) then drive down to Key West every other year and the seafood is incredible! And so inexpensive!

San Diego really is very diverse so there isn't one particular food I love. We do drive down to Puerta Nuevo Mexico every now and then (about 30 minute drive) and have their traditional lobster dish; Broiled lobster, all the tortillas, rice and beans you can eat and, of course, the homemade tequila!

And, like Badassboxer said, the bagel and coffee shops here are great. Oh, and the fruit smoothie bars. Gotta have your wheat grass shot!


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Asy, try the fried chicken recipe on the back of the old bay box...scrumptios!!! Oh, almost forgot this, roll your baked potatoes in Margarine and then old bay before you bake them! Delish!

Rileymom, oh my, how did I ever forget the crab chips!!!


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Boy, that crab sure sounds good! Our local grocery store carries Old Bay but I have never tried it. I'm about 250 miles inland of the West Coast and my favorite has got to be herb and butter baked Idaho Brook Trout.

I still think the Pacific Northwest does espresso better than anyone! (Maybe including the Italians) I recently took a trip to Denver where I spent a couple of weeks. I was stunned to learn that I had to park, get out of my car (requiring that I actually be dressed), and walk into a coffee shop! At home, there is a 'shack' with a drive up window on every main intersection, parking lot, etc. The other members from the area know what I'm talking about! Yes, I'll have a 16 ounce double hazelnut/carmel latte, and make it HOT please.

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Here in Texas, for me it's....MEXICAN!!!! I can eat it morning, noon and night. I love jalapanos...yummy. Actually I did have it for dinner last night and the lefts over for lunch, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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