What is your Boxer's Name?

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Boxer Insane
What is your dog's name and why?

When Mark and I saw our Boxer at the breeder we chose his name on the way home. I said 'let's call him Billy' and at the exact same time Mark said 'Bill'. so it just had to be. Also, he gets called Billyboxer.

Helen and Mark
BILLY, 3.5 yrs red/white dog, black face, docked tail, natural ears
TOMMY, 7 mth Rottweiler dog


Debo - from the movie Friday & Next Friday

But lately he's been getting called "bad dog" :eek: I'm pulling my hair out over here!

AKA Deebdweeb

We like the bad - guys

We had another Boxer for a bit called "Bucho" a bad guy from another movie with Antonio Banderas (I don't remember what it was called) El Mariachi I believe!


Boxer Booster
Our girl is named Emma. I have noticed that most boxers have "real" names vs. names that are descriptive or nicknames. I wanted our boxer to have a real name. I read alot so at the time I came up with two names: Emma and Beckett. If I had gotten a boy, then I would have named him Beckett. I just like the simplicity of the name. Also, it seems elegant to me. :) Since then I have a whole list of names that I like. Emma was almost Darby. :)

Emma - black-masked brindle girl, 04-03-00

Amy Lyn

Super Boxer
Our first Boxer was "Clark" and our second is "Wagner"

Both names just popped into my head and that's just what we started calling them. No method to our madness. My poor husband doesn't get to name any of our pets!

I have noticed A LOT of Boxer's with human names as mentioned above. Wonder why.

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Amy Lyn
Wagner (Fawn, black mask) b: 04/25/00
Clark (Fawn, black mask) b: 03-11-99 (Rainbow Bridge 05-06-00)


Completely Boxer Crazy
Indy is short for Shiloh's Indianola Boy because I named him for my beloved Shiloh. Indianola is the small delta town where Indy was born. I didn't name Beauty because she is a rescue. However, her AKC name is Martha's Dixieland Beauty. Her name fits her because she is very petite and ladylike. I think I would have named her either "Precious" or "Punkin"...she's a little doll.

Indy-Neutered, Natural, Fawn, Flashy-10/6/98
Beauty-Spayed,Cropped, Fawn, Black Mask-9/20/94; Adopted from rescue in New Orleans
Shiloh-10/18/85 to 10/14/98; Waiting for me at the Bridge


my baby is sergeant major harley

my husband choose to name him harley....i decided on the sergeant major part. i am from a very strong military background and thought it very important that both harley and i outrank my husband! LOL LOL

LB,JB,Mikey (2 year old cat) & Sergeant Major Harley (black reverse male brindle born Jan.21,00)


Boxer Insane
Remy was Remy when we got him and we couldn't come up with anything better. It fits him! His registered name is Sir Archer Remington. My husband and I were both in to archery when we got him.

Shannon is short for Shanandoah. We didn't name her.

It took over a week for me to come with a name for Bailey. She was Ali from the breeder. I chose Bailey because of her flashy brindle coloring--short for Baileys and Cream. :)
My dogs are Brutus and Amaya. Brutus is named after the great dane in the disney movie the ugly dautschand. My husband thought the name would be great for a Boxer and had it picked out before we even had a house! I think it is the perfect name for an 80lbs boy!!

Amaya was harder to name. We had heard the name on a TV show and it seem to fit her. It means night rain.

I read on a web page that dog names have become more human as they become less pet and more a part of the family. After all, we all call them furbabies!!

Brutus & Amayas Mom
Brutus 9/23/99 Flashy Fawn
Amaya 3/22/00 Flashy Brindle


Harley is a rescue and was actually named Hoya when we got him after the boxer Oscar
De La Hoya. We didn't like that name so looked up names for boxer dogs on the internet. We put all of the ones we liked into a bowl and chose one. Hoya became Harley. The other names we had chosen were Baron, Max and Sylvester. I actually call Harley "Momma's Honeybun, Sugarplum Bubba" more than he ever gets called Harley.

Boxer Baby: Harley - born 12/27/98 - adopted 1/14/2000 - docked tail/natural ears/neutered - full of pee & vinegar!


Boxer Pal
Our girl's name is Chloe. We went to the breeder's looking for a boy, who we would have named Dozer (my husband likes heavy equipment). But somehow she picked us instead! We originally were going to name her McKinley since we honeymooned in Alaska, but changed our minds after looking on the internet.
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