What is your boxers favorite house appliance?

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Well Crosby loves appliances, different reactions to different appliances.

The vacuum cleaner has to be hunted and killed immediately, as does the mop (makes for very difficult house cleaning).

The fridge door opening he can hear from deep sleep or from miles away and is suddenly by my feet looking up at me, he definitely knows food comes out of there.

The newest is the ceiling fan which he has never seen in action before. On slow he followed the circular motion with his head, round and round and round, then when it was faster his head couldn't keep up so his eyes just kept following round and round and round. In the end I had to turn it off because I thought he may get sick. Once it was switched off he sat there for an hour staring at the dormant ceiling fan waiting for it to move again!


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My Kelseigh loves the ice maker!! She could be sound asleep and as soon as she hears it click on she comes a running for some cubes!!

Both boxers also like the vacuumn cleaner....but boy does the beagle hate that thing. I call it the monster and he sure knows what that means!!!
Hands down, Willis's favourite is the dishwasher... it makes an interesting noise, smells like food, and he can see his reflection in it.

On the other hand, the vacuum and hairdryer are evil as they cause air to do unnatural things. They must be barked at until they stop.
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Krikkit said:
Ruben's very favourite is the Swirlon

Excuse my lack of knowledge of Australian terms - is a Swirlon a sprinkler that attaches to the hose? That sounds like boxer heaven!

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Hi Martha, it's a thing that attaches to the hose, to wash down a car, boat or caravan (or anything really). The water goes through and makes a brush in the centre go round really fast and it makes a whirring noise ... a source of great joy to a Boxer :LOL:

A pic here - ours is an older version - still working very well despite the Boxers.



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Rocky & Mia like the new snow cone maker I recently purchased...they will not eat the plain crushed ice but must have some syrup on it for full effect! They are also slaves to the oven timer and my hair dryer!

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Definitely the fridge, the icemaker being the key object here! lol, my baby loves ice, and everytime we use the icemaker, she has to have a cube or two! Especially on the vinyl floor in the kitchen -- cubes are so much fun to chase!


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I don't know if remote controls to the tv are an appliance, but Beau LOVES to chew on them!! Samantha did too when she was his age.

Beau also loves the vacuum--I don't know if he loves it or hates it, but he loves to attack it, also the lawn mower, and my garden cart, and garbage cart, e.g. anything with wheels!! I have to put him in another room when vacuuming or in the house when mowing!



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Well lets see, nothing fizzes on Ryker, Ozzy loves the leaf blower, shower and the sound of the pantry door opening! thats where big treats are kept :LOL:
The Vaccuum (sp?) is a fav. or Harley's. He likes chasing after it and barking at it. Also, the Broom and dustpan (he chases these as well) and the Dishwasher... well, he's actually just the pre-rise cycle... :)

Gotta Love them!

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