What is your boxers favorite house appliance?

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Mason is fascinated with the hair dryer too. He also loves the microwave - he will stand in front of it and sniff the air. He does this when we put our food on our plates too - I like to say that he is eating vicariously through the smell since we don't really give him people food. :) Boxers do make the cutest faces...however I could be a bit biased!!! :) :)

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The heater!! We are just into winter at the moment and Chester loves the heater. The other night we didn't put it on, as we did not think it was very cold. Chester went outside for a couple of minutes, and came in a little damp (slightly, not wet), well he would not be quiet until we put the heater on for him. Do you think he could be a little spoilt?


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Zoe loves the hair dryer. It starts with her pushing her way between my legs, then rubs her head & ears with her paws..all the while snorting & woofling, sometimes she snaps at the air but it always ends the same, she does this goofy summersault thing & will end up laying by the vanity...waiting for her tummy to rubbed & blow-dried! She probably does this 3 times a week, I usually get a good laugh before I leave for work!

Sometimes she likes to mess with the vacuum, but that is only if she is feeling ornery...usually you have to tell her to move!


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Tigger HATES the vaccum, you would think it was out to get her. But oddly enough, she has no fear of the lawn mower. She loves to follow me around when I mow. Goofy dog!


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The mop....when i have to mop the floor she thinks that it's playtime and she would chase the mop and i laugh ....it's fun fiesta1ico

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Zero loves the vacume (mainly the attachments), blow dryer, but I think his favorite is the washing machine. He always puts his paws up there to "help" me load the clothes. Then licks his lips when I put in the laundry detergent!?? He's a goof ball. He likes to lay against it during the spin cycle too.

Dempsey...he's annoyed by all of them. Especially if they are in his way.


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Jaime&Louie said:
#2 Swiffer.... that SCARY swiffer!!

Funny! My girls try to attack the Swiffer (purchased to clean their little muddy paw prints off my ceramic tile floors). They go bonkers when they hear the sound of it spraying, and fall all over each other trying to get to it first. I finally had to crate them when I clean the floors with it.

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My Magnolia just loves to tilt her head to the side and watch coffee brew, and both Metal and Magnolia love the ice cube maker. Oddly enough, they love chasing the weedwacker but I always make sure to keep them away from that so they don't get injured!
Cookie's favorite has to be the electric can opener. She gets a little wet food mixed with her dry for meals, and I rarely use canned foods for our food. So she has come to associate the can opener with her dinner. :LOL:

Her least favorite is the vacume. None of my animals have ever been chased or hurt by a vacume but for some reason they all scatter to the 4 corners if you so much as move it! :confused:

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The oven and hair dryer here :)

Ruben's very favourite is the Swirlon - he loves water and the hose at the best of times, but add the Swirlon and he is truly overjoyed. Hours of fun (for him, not so much for us) :rolleyes:

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