what is the size of your boxer

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My Raleigh is a big boy, 5 years old and 105 pounds, tall and his head, feet etc are all huge, must get his pictures put up.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Rowdy just turned 1 and he is 58 pounds. Capone is 1 1/2 and he is 49 pounds (having weight issues).


Boxer Booster
Lillie is 17 weeks old and 25-30 pounds. Shockingly, she hasn't even hit an actual growth spurt yet, she's just been going steady.


Boxer Buddy
I have two boxers, Goliath is 52lbs, and Bella is 42lbs. Both are 6months. Our dogs are very healthy, not overweight, and extremely muscular.


Boxer Pal
Ours are right at 8 months and hank is a nice 73 pounds and Lucy is about 55. Hanks feet are still not proportionate compared to his body which makes me wonder how big he is gonna get. I'm sure the 2 pounds of raw at each meal helps. His dad was well over 100 pounds.


Boxer Insane
My sweet boy Tyson is 3 years old, and 70#
Bailey, my sweet girl is 2 years old and 65#
And our 2 new additions are brothers, almost 4 months old
Atlas is 31.7#
Buster is 30.2#

Those 2 are already bigger than Tyson was at that age, so thinking we will have some big doggies around.
I am so glad we got 2 puppies together. They are the best of friends, and Tyson and Bailey are having a blast with them!
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