What happened to my sweet baby??

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Re: Thanks everyone...

I think part of the problem is it's been 90% with 99% humidity here for about two weeks and it's too hot to spend the normal amount of time outside that we do...What the heck's gonna happen in the winter when it's too cold to go out????:confused: [/B]

Yes I have found that when the weather is bad that my guys do have a higher tendency to get on my nerves also. They have of that what is usually loveable boxer energy just bursting out of the seams.


Boxer Pal
Once when we were taking Tobee and Jake on a walk we met this lady with a very beautifull King Sheperd. We had never heard of this breed before and stopped to talk with her. She was telling us about all this police training she was doing with her dog. She then said, she loves boxer, but would never get one because they are like retarded children untill they turned two. I see what she means, but totally disagree.
Tobee is way more destructive then Jake. Actually, Jake never really destroys anything. Tobee is such a problem when it comes to stuff like that.
Let's see: tore four holes in our carpet, ate two ink pens and left beautiful stains on the carpet, destroyed area rug to cover ink stains, tore huge holes in jacuzzi cover and huge hole in replacement jacuzzi cover etc...
Everyone at work, can't understand why Tobee still lives in the house!!!
I just love him too much and figure he'll grow out of it.

Actually Tobee seems to have a whole lot more energy now that he is neutered. What is the right age to neuter boxers?


Boxer Insane
I told my girlfriend-Boxer-owner that they plateau at two.. she is forever yelling at me that her four year old is STILL up to no good! (Better her than me :LOL:)

All mine did calm down at two. I have a rescue, his exact age is unknown, but he certainly seems like he hit the two mark sometime in early spring. Like night and day.

I laugh about some of the things they have done now.. my husband always says, "it's not funny." Whatever! :D


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mischief is Meta's middle name

Our rescue, Meta, still acts like a pup!

We ask the vet every time we take her "are you sure she is three?" She is into everything!

Karen — Best friend of:
Lady Nala - beautiful brindle boxer girl, four years old
Meta - special white rescue boxer girl, three years old
Rigo - our newest addition - beautiful flashy fawn boxer baby boy
2 Cats (Kahlua & Amaretto), 2 visiting cats, 3 his kids, 3 hers kids

Moose(at the bridge) & Sumo (stolen) - handsome brindle males


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I guess I am lucky the worst thing that my boy Cassius did was put a few scratches in the legs of my kitchen chairs and that was when he was only a couple of months old I also used "the can" maybe that is the answer!!! He is 3 now and a perfect gentlman except he won't come when called.



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You guys be nice now! Nedra is now 7.5 months and you are all beginning to worry me!! :LOL:

Good thing is that mommy is twice as bullheaded as any boxer out there (much to my husband's chagrin *VEG*) and N has no idea of HALF of the things mommy has in store for her when the time comes, muaaaaa haaa haaaaaa!

I think I have learned to just get determined when she starts in. When I start to get discouraged, I think to myself "NO! I am TEN times more stubborn than that girl is. I WILL WIN!"



My two brats are six months old and I don't see how they can get much more destructive, especially Mac! You guys have me scared to death! I lucked out with one great Boxer with no problems, and these two are making me pay for it big time! It has gotten to the point I actually hate company coming because Mac and Jazz act like total idiots! I can't put them in the bedroom because they tear it up and it is too hot to put them in the back yard. I am longing for autumn so they can get outside and get rid of some of their energy!
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