What are your vet costs (kinda long)

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I'm starting to think my veterinary practice is kinda pricey and wanted to get some other opinions. I really like and respect all three of the vets, but their charges seem so high! My plan is to talk with a friend or two who are "anal" dog owners and compare notes on charges, possibly changing to a new vet.

How much do your vets charge for an office visit? My charge is $42, if the vet comes in the room. So, there's a charge for any procedure + $42. A "return" or "re-check" visit is $32.

I have been working with a behaviorist to determine if Tae has sep anx and she wanted me to have her checked again for a urinary tract infection. The charge was $92. Hello? $42 for office visit + $15 collection fee + $35 to analyze the urine. The whole thing, excluding overhead, probably cost the vet practice $5 or less, I'm guessing. That's an insane mark-up. I actually called the office manager about the $15 charge and she had the vet call me back. He said they automatically charge that much in the event they need to do a procedure to obtain the urine, in the event the doggie won't "go" on it's own. I was told Tae went immediately (that's my girl!), but they still charged $15.

One thing that was ironic was when Tae had mange, they charged me $17 for 10 syringes of ivermectin. I paid this amount 3-4 times, I think. The last time, they gave me a bottle of it and said I could fill the syringe myself. They rang it up, and the charge...$0. No joke. I also bought some Interceptor, which costs $32 and my total charge was $32. I even asked about a charge for the ivermectin.

I am in no way implying my vet practice is crooked. The practice has been there a very long time, so they building costs cannot possibly be high (older building). I cannot figure out why they charge so much--where that high overhead comes from. Maybe everyone encounters similar charges. I don't know, but please share your experiences.
We have those insane "walking into the room" fees too... I can't remember what they are without looking at the bill, but I know each set of shots cost us $75 just because a vet looked at him each time (the shots themselves were only about $20-25 I think). However, we are able to get heartworm meds (we only use them when we travel... we don't get heartworm in Calgary because it's too cold and dry!) without a consultation and it only cost like $8 or something (Canadian).

On another note, I just called to price out neutering, and with all of their extra fees etc. it is going to be over $400! :eek: . I am not wanting to be cheap... Willis is my baby.. but I think we are going to be seeking out other reputable vets and pricing them too. The vet that we normally go to was adding in things that we didn't really want, but the assistant kept trying to tell us they were standard. I find it really irritating... it's worse than going to the mechanic!!!


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I haven't had many vet prices as of yet. My vet had a puppy package for the 8 to 12 week vaccinations, including microchip and exam each time he went in, which I believe cost $170? Then when I had to take Otis in for a office visit, the charge was I believe $32.

Will find out how much the neuter is going to cost tomorrow. I think your vet is kind of high though.
The fee for simply stepping in the door at our vet is $35. We know our vet charges more than most, but in terms of convenience and service it is worth it. This is a large practice with 20 vets in two locations with emergency service. I've never walked out with the bill under $100. Then again, we have a puppy getting all his boosters and exams.

I love our "usual" vet and the staff at the animal hospital. The best is the write-up of the visit on the bill! I have a written record of what the doctor did/her comments and when we need to come back.


Rlr.Giraffe: Our local vet priced out Panzer's neuter between $445-490. I flat out refused to take him there for the procedure. When I was visiting my parents in WV, I took him to their vet. Total cost was $112, including post-op pain medicine. Without extras it was somewhere around $70. Darn cheap if I do say so!

The local vet practice charged for bloodwork ($60+) and some other things I didn't see as necessary for an otherwise healthy young Boxer. I waived that and laser surgery at my parents' vet. The care I received was second to none. You should be just fine going to a reliable, less expensive vet for the neuter.

Your local ASPCA may have low-cost neutering twice a year. It's worth checking into! :)


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I have to say I am lucky after reading this post...
I go to a vet that was reccomended by one of my breeders. On my first trip to that vet, I got the VIP treatment, they took me on a tour of the place & everything else I could think of etc... come to find out alot boxer breeders go there for everything, including ears. One of the vets actually specializes in the boxer breed. The ofc visit cost $17 and with a full exam it's $19.
The most expensive lab I have had done was a full blood panel that was $78 total. I have had one set of Xrays that cost $33. Two weeks ago Cooper had tape worms (uuggghh) the whole visit for both my boys + the meds and one fecal was $71.
I love this vet, they are open 7 days a week!!
They are not there too make a HUGE profit, they are there to make animal ownership affordable for all which in turn makes animal ownership a blessing!!
They believe that with lower prices people will take better care of their animals and I agree with this.
I have to admit though it is a 45 min drive for me to get there but it is well worth it.


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Nicolette99 said:
The fee for simply stepping in the door at our vet is $35. We know our vet charges more than most, but in terms of convenience and service it is worth it. ..... I've never walked out with the bill under $100. Then again, we have a puppy getting all his boosters and exams.

I love our "usual" vet and the staff at the animal hospital. The best is the write-up of the visit on the bill! I have a written record of what the doctor did/her comments and when we need to come back.
Same here. I have been going to this vet for almost 6 years and he is great. When Mai'lani had some kind of infection in her ear we were in the Valley visiting my parents and I found a vet there to see her, they charged less but she didn't start to heal. So when we got back our vet checked her out and gave her something different; it worked!

I know my vet is a little expensive and sometimes I wish they had a payment plan ;) but everyone there is so nice, they know me by name and they even say my fur-babies names right :D Most have been there since before we started going (Which makes me feel better about the service).

To me if they are worth the price, I have no problems paying it. My babies are worth every penny.


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Thanks for everyone's responses!

Making a decsion as to what to do will be difficult. As I stated, I really do like all three vets in the practice a lot. I certainly want Tae to get good care, but I can't help but wonder if she could get good care somewhere that's a bit cheaper.

I realize veterinary charges will vary based on where one lives. The cost of living isn't exactly low where I am, but it's not nearly as high as Washington, DC, New York, or Los Angeles--or even close.

Hmmmmm, what to do? My current plan is to talk to a neighbor who I consider a very diligent dog owner. She likes her vet, so I'll try to compare notes!

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I am very lucky with my vet. He is mega-cheap and is a wonderful person! I just love him to death and I completely trust him. His office is a small country office, nice and clean, friendly staff.

He does not charge for an office visit. He only charges for what he does (shots, spay, meds, etc...)

Looking at my receipts:
For a spay: $95.00
Rabies-1 year: $10.50
DA2LP-PV Booster: $18.00

And for some recent meds for Chloe:
Albon Tablets (15 day treatment): $7.50
Malotic Ointment (ear infection: 14 day treatment): $13.50

When Chloe was sick, he only charged for the meds, not the visit. Everyone around here loves this man. I used him for years. He's very upfront about everything. His staff is awesome. I could go on and on.

One time, my mom was in the vets office with her cat, sitting in the waiting room. This man came in with his dog. He looked to be homeless. Both man and dog were very thin and in bad health. The man's dog had gotten sick and he had come to see what was wrong. The vet gave the man the meds for his dog and a huge bag of dog food for no charge. How awesome was that?


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Anyone in MA/CT/RI area...

anyone heard or go to a Dr. Truesdale in Seekonk, MA? We are about to take our 8wk there in a bit and want to know pricing. I have heard from many that he is great and our breeder takes her pups there (ours got his first shots there). Just wondering on average how much a neutering costs for everyone since we are on the topic. thanks!


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I think it must be what part of the country you live in as just like anything it probably somewhat relates to the cost of living for your area. Here down in Lowsiana it is considerably cheaper for most things related to basic living cost like housing, food, ect.
Even down here though there are ripoff artist. An example being I go to a vet that charges the following with tax included:
1. Yearly shots and Heartworm check is $45
2. For all 3 of my kids it comes up to just about $200 for vacinations and 6 months of heartworm preventitive for all.
3. I had a spay done on a 60 pound Boxer, and a 20 pound Rat Terrier and both were $75 total with the take homw meds and all.
Now the flip side is I have a buddy who goes to a different doc and his yearly exam and vaccinations are $115, and a spay at his office was going to be $200 plus tax.

In my town we probably have 30 or more vets in our area, and I know of 3 that are reasonably priced including the guy I go to. Two are older gentleman with not the prettiest facilitties, but one guy in his thirties has a beuatiful spacious facility and stays in that same price range. I can't confirm every other one, but I can say that at least ten are legends in their own minds obviously by how they feel they should be compensated. I actually feel a lot of them are rolling the dice that people will just accept there rates as the going rate for these services( especially first time pet owners). Point of the story is there are theives anywhere you go and unfortunately they are the majority, but fortunately there are still a few honest docs too.
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