What are your dogs most endearing features !!!

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Hi ,

Ginty is the most loveable person (whoops animal )
lovicon I know, her most endearing feature is her little pet lip, I dont know if other people have heard of this term, but her bottom lip sticks out slightly giving her the look of a naughty baby. She also has very long eye lashes, and a thicker line of fur above, making it look like eye brows. If she is asleep in her bed when you walk past , she peeps out of one eye, and then carrys on snoring. (I tend to have it in stereo, my husband one side and Ginty the other) :eek:

When she runs in the field, early morning, she tends to prance and leap, it is such a beautiful sight,her fur shining a sight to behold, but the bubble is burst, once she comes running over to me , foaming at the mouth, one shake of the head and I am covered. nonoicon. If I take her in the field at night, I can see her running towards me by the white streak on her head, if she is running away from me she has a white streak on her rump. (She cant escape me either way) :LOL: Ginty also tends to love flowers and sniffs them lovingly.
All in all I love everything about her. :D

Bye from Pammyjean and Ginty sleepicon


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A couple of Brody's most endeavoring features are his eyes and his tail!
First, his eyes are the most expressive eyes I've ever seen. He comes up to me and just stares into my eyes, and his eyes speak louder than words, they're saying "I love you so much Mama". He just melts my heart. I love that boy so much it hurts!
Second, his tail is endearing because when we're walking, he's on leash well ahead of me, and his little tail seems to be conducting a band (like a conductor)! It's so comical.


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They are each so different yet so much the same...

Lexi - we've had Lexi since a pup..she is most loving to me. She loves to cuddle and the way she looks at me as if to say "there's no place I'd rather be". The way she prances with her toys..her woo's when someone is at the door. I love the way she greets me as if I've been gone 10 years when I come home from work. She is all beans and jumps. The way she wraps her paws around my neck, lays her head on my shoulder and hugs me. Her beautiful light brown eyes and beautiful eye lashes are most expressive. Her floppy ears which are ever changing shape depending on her mood. The way she opens the back door and lets herself out, especially if I am out on the deck and didn't let her out with me :) Very clever and loving little girl...

Baxter - we have had Baxter for 3 months now and he sure is the most adoring creature one could meet. He is full of kisses and hugs. Constantly wanting to be near you and wags his tail at the sound of your foot steps or the sound of your voice. Baxter loves his walks as is very gentleman like to all he meets...I love the way he sniffs out the cats and then takes them for rides on his head :) I love his old gray mug and his manly scruffles. His floppy ears are too very expressive and he does what we call the Baxter Dance when we get home...He does this on his hind legs!! What talent for my older boy. Baxter has been nick named Baxtalicous! We love him dearly.


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Boodog makes me laugh

Hi Nakota, I love your website, Boodog really makes me laugh, (what type of dog is he) I love the music on your site.

Another feature of Gintys that I love, sometimes her eyes look really bloodshot, as if shes been crying, I just have to cuddle her to cheer her up. Boodog seems to look happy all the time. :LOL:

Bye Pammyjean and Ginty, sleepicon

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I love my boys "butt" he has this little strut that makes me laugh...... he is so sweet. and my girl has a tiny petite little waste that is also very cute:)


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Re: Boodog makes me laugh

Originally posted by pammyjean
Hi Nakota, I love your website, Boodog really makes me laugh, (what type of dog is he) I love the music on your site.

Boodog is a Boston Terrier (female). The music on her site is "Brown Eyed Girl". Brody and Boodog are crazy about each other.


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Great music



I love the music brown eyed girl, who sang it, or was it an instrumental.I tried several ways to download my own music onto Gintys Website, but it just never happended.Can you give me any instructions on how to do it.:D
How do you get your little yellow head on the screen. Is a Boston Terrier any relation to a Boxer, or a Staffordshire bull terrier, She has both features, a very happy girl.:LOL:
I feel the same way about Ginty, I love her so much it hurts, I am eating chocolate at the moment her big brown eyes are pleading with me. Got to go and get her , her doggy choccie buttons. (Cant stand the look any longer)

Bye for now Pammyjean and Ginty sleepicon

Julie Davis

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I love the way Boomer leaps like a deer when he runs. He has a very expressive face, which I adore. I love the look on his face when he's been caught being bad...that little "I'm not doing anything, really" look. There are jsut too many things to name...I love my baby!


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I love it when Samson is in his Boxer stance, he will come in look at you, with all the proudness in the world, he looks so beautiful when he is like this, I just say to myself "Damn I own a good looking Boxer". Athena on the other hand has the most pathetic, dog pound features, she can make your heart melt, when she looks at you with those big brown sad looking eyes, you just automatically go up to her and say I am sorry (even if you haven't done anything to be sorry for), just have to love on her for a bit.

Jo Ann
owned by Samson 4/7/99 and Athena 2/19/00

Christy Burden

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It's all in that strut!

Dallas has the cutest strut I have ever seen!:LOL:

The bellowing to me when I am eating a snack and she just has to have a bite. Those eyes and that howl always seem to charm me into a doggy treat.:D

Her nibbles on my cheek when she is lying on my shoulder!:p

She is outrageously great with children! My 5 year old daughter was so proud she taught her a trick! Get this- My daughter plays an old fashioned game of cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids and she points her finger to our dog, Dallas, and says BANG You're dead and Dallas flops over onto her back with all fours into the air and freezes until she gets kisses and "Good, Girl"! Then she snags the popcorn and runs!popcornico

And of course last, but not least her doggy pounce as soon as I walk in the door and following everywhere I go all the time. And God forbid you shut her out of the bathroom and close that door in her face! She lays on the floor with her feet in the air and howls!:( Yes, I end up letting her in! I am such a sucker for her...
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