What are your boxers afraid of?

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I found out this week that Bella is afraid of the ceiling fan. DH turned it on and she growled and barked and climbed on my lap to glare at it! She was actually shaking :LOL:

She's also afraid of the tennis racket, I think its the sound of the ball hitting the strings. I use it to hit tennis balls for my other 2 because my arm would fall off if I had to throw them all. Bella takes a wide berth around me if I have it in my hands. But she will sniff at it if I put it on the ground or prop it against something.

Silly girl! wackicon


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Titan is afraid of the vets :( and she will threaten to bite if anyone tries to clip her nails. :(

On a funnier note, she is also afraid of shampoo bottles sitting on the bathtub ledge. Ha-ha. I think one fell off one time and made a loud noise, so whenever I reach for one now she's jets away from it.

Zeus is intimidated by the vaccum. He'll try to attack it and barks his head off.

Oh! They are both afraid of big cardboard boxes. Ha-ha. Titan LOVES to be challenged so I put a toy in it and she'll grab the top with her tippy toes to knock it over. Then she leaps backward in the air! :D


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LOL, cardboard boxes are on my two's list also. Cuddles is scared of empty trash cans on our walks, they don't bother Toots too much. And Cuddles is also scared when we get the Nintendo Wii out and play Wii bowling, she thinks we're going to smack her with the controller or something!


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Hahahaha...what is it with those EVIL cardboard boxes??? Diesel is terrified of those too!

Both boxers hate the vaccuum, although Diesel hides from it, and Jedi attacks it!!!


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Mine both attack the vaccuum, barking and jackhammering it! they also have a fettish with the TV trays. if we rattle it, even to take it off the holder, they go NUTS!! they are a little afraid of thunder, they bark and run to one of us.

DH also likes to tease them with their food bag. he asks them to "get the mousie" and then shakes it in their face when they go to sniff, and they back up and bark, pounce around and jackhammer the bag! it's so funny!!


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Nothing. Sometimes I think a little fear would do him some good- he is so curious I'm afraid it will get him into trouble someday.

He doesn't like wind-he bats it away from his face, and he doesn't like thunderstorms, but he isn't really scared of them, he just knows something isn't right and is very alert. He also doesn't like the sound of people crying. When he hears it on TV he stares and does the adorable head tilt back and forth until it stops!

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Lola doesn't like my baking trays, whenever I get then out she scarpers :LOL:
She's not a brave bunny really and is a bit wary of quite a few things, we just ignore her. At the moment Casper is afraid of the refuse truck and runs into the house when it comes, Zeb is fearless :)


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Wyatt isn't afraid of much, sometimes other dogs and he will bark at random things in the backyard but Bruno has started the funniest thing lately. All of a sudden he is eyeing the tall lamp behind our couch in living room. It has been there since the day we got him but suddenly, he is watching it and hesitates getting up on that side of the couch. I don't know if he is afraid of it or just doesn't get it, but its pretty funny nonetheless!


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The only thing Waldo is truly afraid of is when Ray and I occasionally argue,he hates raised voices:( then we have to go and give him a cuddle,and say to each other let's not fight in front of our boynonoicon
He loves the vaccuum and cardboard boxes are his 2 favourites:)


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Mackensie is afraid of anything "new" that's not usually there, like a plastic bag blowing across the yard. Today we bought our daughter a new kiddie pool and she barked at that for about 20 minutes trying to jackhammer and get it to move! Tomorrow she'll probably be in it swimming!!
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