What a Watch Dog!

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What a hoot

This thread has been a real hoot... My tough 4 year old female, Kobo, trembles during thunderstorms, climbs up on th e bed, crawls in under the covers and literally shakes. The five year old male, Kiki, hasn't figured out that he can't catch squirrels. Both dogs protect us from the vicious stove dogs. When they catch their reflection in the glass on the oven door, they carry on with deep growls and intense stares. I know I am safe from the stove.
I am saved from the backyard door--everytime Draco sees his reflection he is ready to attack it!! :D
Ain't we all very lucky???


My boy is highly trained in protecting me from his own tail.



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Guys, your stories make me histerical! :LOL: :LOL:

My Tina usually protects me from bushes when I take her for an evening walk. Oh, I am so grateful for that, I am so afraid of these scary evil bushes! :D


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What funny stories! We had attack snowmen this winter. Both the Lab and Boxer felt that it was their duty to scare them away.

The squirrel population is also at risk, probably more from running and having heart attachs than from being bitten. The squirrels spend hours a day at the bird feeder that can be seen from the dining room and the dog pen. Ruby goes nuts over the squirrels, quivering and whining when she's inside. When she's loose in the yard, she runs and leaps and searches. It is too funny! I don't think she'd ever really be able to catch one.

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I used to think mine could never catch a squirrel too - but I was wrong. I saw it happen and I hate to say it, that squirrel was amazingly dumb. I saved him of course, but acording to Darwinism, I think he sort of deserved to die. He ran across the yard, almost up to Sumi and when she got out to chase him, he ran toward the nearest tree and was just about safe, when alas there was another tree - twenty feet away. This distant tree suddenly according to squirrel reality seemed a much better tree to run up than the one right in front of him. :rolleyes:
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