what a good dog

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my mom was worried that diesel (12 weeks) would be too rough with little kids being theat he play bites and what not even though i assured her that boxers were great with kids. well anyway my 4 year old twin cousins are over and diesel just loves them and just licks even if the twins are rough, he hasn't even play bit or anything. anyway i just wanted to tell everyone how proud and happy i am, and i'm glad i got to prove my mom wrong like usual


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that is great news on your baby..they always seem to know what they are supposed to do. it is so easy to love these babies. boxers are the best...


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Dogs are funny, they know exactly when to behave especially when there´s kids around. Buster LOVES kids but unfortunately the kids here in Hong Kong does not love him. Buster also likes to chew on my hands and feet but wouldn´t try to chew on anyone else.....
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