We bought Jazz & Chase a KING size bed!

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I am so excited this weekend we bought JazzNChase a KING size bed! If it weren't for them-TRUST me my husband would have never gotten me one! I guess he got tired of sleeping on the couch-when the dogs kept pushing him off! (HA HA)


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Enjoy your new bed. :) I hope they still don't push you out. :eek:


I'm sooo spoiled. We have been married 36 years and our first bed was King Size (my husband is 6'4".) Welcome to the world of *expensive* bed linens! Then there's dual king or California king, and king size pillows! LOL!
Have a good sleep - I'm curious if the dogs just spread out more now and take up *even more* room and make you feel you're back where you started!


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Oh, I'm so jealous........That's awesome. I'm sure that once Baron grows up, I'll convince my Bo to by a king too. I'm sure that everyone is one big happy family now!!


Yeah we have a king-sized bed, and somedays I still get kicked out.

Wait till they are full-grown!!!

I think my parents have a California King, because it is much larger than ours. Everytime I see a king it is never as large as theirs. I must look into this! LOL.

When Nellie and Striker go to my parents house, and wake them up (HA HA) they still have plenty of room. Not fair!


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King Sized in Toronto

I've had a King Sized Bed for sometime now. Since our kids (human ones) used to come in our bed and there was no room for us. Now they are used to staying in their own beds.

Our 4 month old red fawn Sable, sleeps with us sometimes when she's not in her crate. My husband laughed the other day when he got up for work. I was lying at the very edge of the bed and Sable was behind me stretched out, her paws nearly pushing me off the edge. I don't think it matters how big the bed is, they'll still find a way to hog it. LOL
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