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Lexi struggles at bath time. She will sit quietly once we get her in the tub tho.

On the flip side, she will try to come into the shower with me in the morning...she scares me to death sometimes...like a goofy scene from "PSYCHO". :LOL:


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Hailey loves the water, as long as it is not above her head. She loves the bath, the hose and especially the sprinkler (she gets more then the grass).smashicon She went in once above her head and sank right away, I think that is why she likes it to be below her head.:D

Brian & Gloria

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Georgie loves the water, lake, bath or from the hose, but we she can not swim very well she swims with her body sraight up with only her front feet doing the work. She has been known to jump in with you having a shower if the opportunity arises.



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I once had a boxer who jumped off the end of the dock and sunk straight to the bottom, He didn't bother even trying to swim. Just stood atthe bottom and looked up with bubbles coming out of his nose. I had to jump in to save him.

The male I have now will only wade into the water up to about his collar and then his backend starts to float and his head tips under the water. Since he doesn't like to get his head wet, he runs out of the water like the devil was trying to drown him.


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Tyson likes to take a bath but won't go out to pee when it is raining. I have to run out with him to get him to go! What a wacko!!!

BooBoo & Riley

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You never know..... my baby BooBoo hated water when he was younger.. ( we actually threw him out while boating once, which he didn't appreciate) But in the past year since moving to a new house next to a pond, BooBoo has taken up swimming in the summer. Swimming is now both of my boxer's favorite activity.

It's funny reading everyone's post about their babies hating bath time... again don't give up... my BooBoo hated bath time once too. (His dad once left him alone in the bathtub while running down to the store to get our first bottle of dog shampoo) BooBoo now walks into the shower when I tell him it's bath time... no shutting the doors behind him, no pushing his butt through, he just walks in and sits and wait it out...

Tyson likes to take a bath but won't go out to pee when it is raining. I have to run out with him to get him to go! What a wacko!!!

BooBoo will hold it in his bladder until the rain stops too! But I have faith that one day he can conquor this one too:o


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When I first got my puppy, she didn't like baths at all. So I change the method of bathing her. Now she acts normal, and seems to enjoy it, and she gets very excited after her bath! appicon


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Jilly LOVES water!
She swims at the beach, jumps in the koi pond whenever I am not looking, and often sits in the tub in the hopes she can have a bath. If I tell her, "Time for a bath," she runs so fast across the tile that she slides!!!foolicon

Desi is a bit more reserved about his water affections. He will go in at the beach, but not actually get out and paddle. He will willingly jump in the tub, but doesn't try to get into the koi pond.angelicon

Tulley loves to get into water and lay down! He will go in the koi pond, I think secretly just because he's a little boy and wants to get dirty. He is a good boy about bathes but isn't real excited by them.

Only Jilly will jump in a pool.

She's mommy's little mermaid.


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Peanut used to hate the water, the first rain drop that hit her and she was running for cover. She did love going in the boat with us though, but was nervous gettign in and out.

Popcorn and Chewy on the other hand will stand under the spinkler until they are soaking wet, and love being sprayed in the face with a water bottle. Chewy just about eats the water bottle trying to get the water out of it. I have taken them to the river and the ocean and they are not quite as fond of that as they are the sprinkler.

The last time I took them to the beach we stopped at a water fountain to get a drink and as I am drinking Chewy gets his paws up there and started drinking out of the fountain too, was too funny.
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