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Do all boxers hate swimming or getting in the water? Is this a common trait? I can only remember my girl Kona swimming once in her life. And baths were the worst. Other boxers that I've encountered had the same hesitation. Just wondering :) Does anyone have a real water dog for a boxer?



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My male & female love water....they both have a blast at the beach, and if you pick up the water hose you had better spray them with it because they expect it and love it, spray them and they do the boxer burn and they want to get sprayed again! They love baths as well...

BooBoo & Riley

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You never know..... my baby BooBoo hated water when he was younger.. ( we actually threw him out while boating once, which he didn't appreciate) But in the past year since moving to a new house right next to a pond, BooBoo has taken up swimming in the summer. Swimming is now both of my boxer's favorite activity.


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Oscar loves water. He loves being sprayed with the hose, and taking baths. When we go on vacation, we board him at a kennel owned by a retired man that had nothing better to do than watch dogs for people. Anyway, he loves to take the dogs out so they can excercise. He has a 150' dog run down beside his lake, and he said that Oscar had a blast by the lake. Said he would sprint halfway down the run, then dive into the lake. Said he had a time getting him away from the lake.


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My thoughts

I think that a lot of boxers don't like swimming because their bodies are not built to swim. The only boxers that I've ever seen that enjoy the water go into lakes, rivers or the ocean - where they can walk into it gradually. My 2 will not go in our pool because the water is over their heads as soon as they get past the steps. They do like the sprinklers in the summer, though.

Kimber & Mac

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Mac loves the water up to his shoulders, but he hates to swim. We have tried to get him to swim off the back of a boat with us, thrown him in the pool (just to make sure he wouldn't drown) and he hates it. But he does LOVE to run and splacsh in an ocean or lake as long as he can stand. He also hates baths, but really loves the hose.


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In the two years that we've had Junior he has actually "swam" once. So, I know that he is capable of it, but he doesn't enjoy it. He does love to wade. Whenever we are by the lake or pond, he'll run in up to his belly and thats about it! For some reason he doesn't like going in more than that! Kind of weird!


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My babies would swim every day if they could. They love all bodies of water they've been exposed to so far. However, they aren't a fan of the bath.

Athena's Mom

Athena's breeder said she let the puppies swim in her pool & they loved it. We haven't gotten to let her swim yet so we'll just c next summer. She hates baths though!!
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