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This has probably been talked about before, but the Search feature isn't working!

Do your furbabies like to watch TV? Princess wasn't interested in TV before, but she is starting to love it I think. :)

I've started to leave the TV/radio on while I'm out at work, and I'll come home, she won't come greet me, rather she'll be lying on the bed, watching Oprah. She'll look up at me when I talk to her, like MOOOOMMM shhhhh! Oprahs on! Its Dr. Phil day... wackicon

What a nut. I think i'd better pick a different channel as Jerry Springer is on that same channel :)

Also, last night there was a Dateline story about a new scam played on dog owners whos dogs go missing, and she sat beside me and watched the whole thing. Gave a little woof when the dogs were playing on the TV.

I just lovicon her more and more everyday!


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My Cassius like to watch TV too every time he sees another dog he runs to the TV screen and gives him or her a big kiss!!!



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The other night there was a commercial on tv for some pest control company and there was a big bug crawling around the screen in the commercial. My dogs saw that bug on the television and almost knocked it over trying to "get" that darned bug!! The bug crawled to the bottom of the shot and disappeared and the girls were convinced that it had crawled under the television and was somewhere in the house. They spent a good 10 minutes trying to find out where that bug went so they could get it good.

I laughed and laughed. Silly girls. :p :D


Bella has just started to notice the television... I do have a question for everyone whose baby watches the TV. Does it keep them from tearing up the house while you are gone? We keep Belle in a crate while we are not home but I have heard horror stories about boxers and empty houses. I am wondering if we turn the tv on before we leave she will keep herself occupied so that we don't have to feel guilty that she is going in her crate :(

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Oh, yes, Oscar has gone after that bug on the commercial too! Cracks me up! He also goes nuts if there is a dog barking on the television. He'll run and press his nose firmly against the screen, growling the entire time giving a few woo-woo's here and there for good measure. We've decided to keep the cleaner in the entertainment center. ;) He also loves to watch the Animal Planet channel.

Crazy pooches!

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Mia too

Oh yea, Miss Mia loves the TV. Her favorite program is Emergency Vets on Animal Planet. She will listen to the dogs barking and whining, and look at me as if I should help them. Sometimes she will go to the screen and whine as if to calm the animals down.

Once there was a big Rottwieler on, and it barked at the camera and Mia went running under my legs. It scared her so bad that she would not come near the TV again for about two hours.

Just a funny story.



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We recently purchased a portable playstation. Last night I was playing a Bass Fishing game and Tyson wandered over next to me and watched me play. He didnt whine or woo woo, just sat and stared at the fish. :)


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Funny you should ask...

Last night we were watching some "home movies" of the day we brought Legend home. It seems like FOREVER but it was only 3 months ago....

Anyhoo...we have a big screen tv, and when we started talking (on the tape) saying "Legend...come here boy! That's a good boy Legend!"...Legend sat down, look at the tv and started woo wooing at it! CRACKED ME UP! I don't know if he was just listening to our voices on the tv, or if he recognized himself as a tiny pup romping across the yard or was the funniest thing.

He actually sat there and stared at the tv for a good ten minutes. Aren't they funny?

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OK to TV!!!

Nero likes TV too!!!Especially nature(dogs actually)programmes , music programmes(when he often sings along) or whenever he hears his name on TV:NERO!!!!!!!!!He loves that!!!smashicon
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