Warning about a Puppy Mill in SC

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I was visiting a local and reputable pet rescue's web site today and found the following message posted:


There is a puppy mill operator in Honea Path, SC operating under the aliases . She is allegedly selling dogs all over the country, taking people's money, and never delivering the dogs.

For whatever reason, she has linked to our website and is trying to pass herself off as being affiliated with Recycled Pets, Inc. She is in NO WAY part of our organization.

We are taking legal action against her to prohibit her from using our name. If you have had any dealings with this woman, please contact us as well as Detective Busby with the Abbeville County,
I'm sharing this message here b/c on a thread here a few months ago, someone asked about a supposed boxer breader in Honea Path, SC. I remembered that and when I saw this, I wanted to pass the word along to prevent others in my area (I live only 15 min. from Honea Path) or anywhere else from falling into this trap. The site from which I got the above quoted message is http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/SC27.html

If this kind of message can't be posted here for whatever reason, I apologize and will gladly edit it or remove it but I just felt people needed to be warned. I hate puppy mills and this is even worse. Hard to imagine.
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that is horrible! I can't believe a person would do that!! If they know that she's doing that can she be arrested? God I hope so.
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