Want to Adopt in Chicagoland area

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My husband and I got a female boxer about 1 1/2 years ago (she's 5) and we just LOVE her to pieces! She's our BABY!!!!! We are more than happy and willing to adopt another boxer (male or female). Diamond, our boxer, gets soooo much love and affection, but trust me another boxer would get just the same...I would love to have another....


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Hello and Welcome :) Just moving this to the Rescue Forum (above this one) where you get more replies. Diamond sounds like a lovely girl :)


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There is a boxer rescue in the Chicago area, I think it is Boxer Rebound, their website is:

I might be an idiot and think that the area they serve includes Chicago (not a geography major) but if not, they can direct you to someone closer.

Good luck and you are wonderful to think about rescuing your next baby!

Leezah & Angus :)


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Hi Diamondgirl,
Boxer Rebound does serve the Chicago area.That's where we got our Breezy from. She is the best dog I've ever had. Totally spoiled too! And the people at Rebound are the best.

Deb & Breezy


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Hey Deb,this one was to you: Thanks for replying. I see you're from the Chicagoland area too! Have you been to the rescue?

I'm new to the forum. Not sure how it works exactly yet.
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