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About what age do dogs want to go out and explore right now jax is 16 wks. and we take himout on a leash but when we try to go more than five feet off our property he wants to run back to his safe ground?


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It all depends on each dog and their individual personalities. Just be patient, and praise him when he does get bold and wants explore the outside world. That way, he will learn that the outside is a neat place to be too. Also, walk around w/him, and act like various things are very interesting to you. If you are preoccupied by something, usually the dog will come over (may take a few minutes) to see what is so facinating. Just be sure that your little one is up-to-date on all his shots first!


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Sounds great to me! Maybe he won't be inclined to get out and roam the neighborhood! LOL :D


I definitely think you need to keep at it. He sounds a little lacking in self confidence at this point. Are you SURE he is a BOXER puppy?! LOL
Maybe a little treat now and then as you stroll along would make him feel this is a *good* experience.
A fearful, shy dog can become a barker, biter and over-protective. I'm sure you want a friendly, outgoing, self confident pup. He will be a better dog for it.
I agree that he seems to be lacking confidence. Confidence can be taught and it is easier to work with a timid dog than a dominant dog (take it from a mom with one of each).

I would get him enrolled in class and socialized to build confidence. Puppy class did wonders for Amaya :)

Not the cutest way but when Amaya refused to walk the trainer said to gently pull her a few feet. She eventually caught on and we have avoided looking totally ridiculous in public :)

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