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Problems with Zeus

We are having problems with our 1 1/2 year old Boxer. He started vomiting last Friday, November 12. He would only vomit sometimes. He would eat grass if he had an empty stomach and make himself vomit. Or if he had food in his belly he would vomit. The thing is, he doesn't vomit all the time or everyday. Yesterday and today, he had a barium done. The vet did not find any blockage, but thinks there may be a problem. We will be picking him up this afternoon and I guess find out more. We switched his food from Iam's Large Breed puppy to Natural Choice Large Breed in the beginning of September. Anyone have any ideas?? I'm very worried.

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I just wanted to throw out the suggestion of doing some blood work on these furbabies. My girl was throwing up bile or whole food sometimes but not on a consistant basis. And also not eating sometimes. After about 2 wks of this we had the vet do a blood workup and she had Pancreatitis. They look at the liver numbers etc. We had to go to nothing but boiled chicken and rice for both her meals and by the second week we started adding her kibble back in little by little. She also had a Shot (can't remember what the name was) to settle her stomach that day and then pills to take 3x a day for 1week to keep her stomach settled to hold down the Chicken & rice. It worked for her. And alot of the cause is the high levels of Fat in some foods. So we watch any treats etc. we give her. The vet did say depending on the Levels that some dogs are Fasted for 48 to 72hours then bland diet. Thank goodness she was able to eat. Good luck with your babies.


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When Ikaika was 2 years old he started vomitting everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. Took him to the vet and did a round of tests and found nothing. We thought it was food allergies. So, the vet put him on special food (Ulta z/d). This helped. Although there were still problems. I would take him in every few months for check ups and testing and we still could not find anything wrong with him.

Finally I switched to Canidea and a spoon of plain yogurt and it seems to have helped. The vomitting has not completely stopped but he can go several weeks before it happens again. He too, does the hunger strikes and it drives me crazy when he pulls this.


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I would definitely be enlisting the help of another vet. If your dog has had this problem for so long, it doesn't seem that he has done anything really aside from suggesting a bland diet. A bland diet is sometimes great...but not always the answer to everything. I would try giving more treats to keep the acid level in the tummy down. And a change to a better food may be in order...Canidae...Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul. There are many human grade foods that make a world of difference in our dogs health. Good Luck...and let us know how things go!

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Yup - Tyson, too.

It's been a while since I've been on the board... I came back looking for an answer to my problem and here it is in this thread exactly.

Tyson is 10 mos. old and has been vomiting/regurgitating food for as long as we've had him. Sometimes it's frequent, sometimes he'll go a couple weeks without doing it. Same thing as jadesmom... entire body convulsions when he throws up bile; or whole food regurgitation when he eats. We have always fed him Nutro Large Breed Puppy, twice a day.

Please keep the info coming - do you think a food switch would help???


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T-Rex Mom said:
Please keep the info coming - do you think a food switch would help???

He's been vomiting his food for as long as you've had him? What has his vet said?

If a vet hasn't pinpointed a cause, then I'd certainly be switching his food. Nutro is an OK food, but by no means one of the best. IMO you should ditch the puppy food, and ditch the large breed forumla too (boxers are a medium sized breed - a fact that is unchanged by the decision of a couple of food manufacturers to label any breed over 50lb as "large" ;) ). Why don't you try him on a quality all-life-stages food such as Canidae, and also try feeding him smaller meals 3 times a day.

If that doesn't help, you could always consider a natural diet. Not all dogs cope with kibble very well, but do much better when fed raw foods. Plenty of info in the BARF forum ;)


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Our dog Buddy vomitted every morning since the day we picked him up from the rescue. If we didn't feed him he would vomit yellow stomach bile and if we did feed him he would vomit all of his food right back up (it would be undigested and be covered in a clear or foamy liquid). Some mornings he would be to scared to eat; you could tell his tummy was killing him.

We changed his food, gave him smaller portions, tried rice and yogurt (helps, but did not always work), and tried herbal and OTC drugs. I searche this forum and many others for an answer. I was at my wits end when somone suggested to stop feeding Buddy in the morning. What do ya know? It worked. I now feed him when I get home from work and later in the evening. For some reason Buddy just can't eat food in the morning, but he is fine with his new feeding time.

I also feed him Natural Choice and restrict all other food. No table scraps allowed.


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I just want to second gmacloud's advice.

Nutro Natural certainly is not a very good food. It is better than Nutro, and better than IAMS, but that's not saying much!

Also - Boxers are NOT large breed dogs and thus, should NOT be fed large-breed dog food.

Please switch over to a premium quality kibble made for all dogs (not large breed or puppy-specific) and I am willing to bet that you see some changes.

Good luck
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