vocal yawning!

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Do any of you have Boxers that yawn out loud? Kind of an ewwwww sound. Like people do when they yawn sometimes...
Almost human. Berkley does this about 3 times every morning.
Sooo cute.

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Singing Yawn

My baby Remus has a high pitched yawn, almost like an opera singer. The big boy Brutus only talkes. ow ow owww oow which means "where have you been without me" owwww ooooow means "how could you leave me" and ruuffff ow oow ruuffff, bark when he does not agree with a command. We should add some kind of recording device to this site so that we can compare our vocal dogs.


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Cassius yawns out loud all the time he also barks in his sleep when he is dreaming!!!!



Brody does that too! He barks and runs in his sleep, especially after being at daycare. He wakes us up in the night snorting and being silly.


Yet another common boxer trait. :LOL:

Three of ours do this, and each one is different! LC has a low groaning yawn, kinda like "oh man I don't want to wake up!" Joey has a short but sweet moan, and Reno lets out a high pitch ten second "YEEEOOOOOWWWWWW".

We laugh at all of them-especially Reno!!


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Yep, Tina yawns out loud too! And she also opens her mouth so wide that you can see all her throat and can almost see her stomach LOL


Belle does this too... it goes from a really low, almost growl tone up to a high pitched squeak! It's too funny! Also, does anyone else's baby yawn when they are not being paid attention to? Belle will constantly yawn VERY LOUDLY if no one is giving 100% of their attention to her! It really works too because it is so cute you have to stop what you are doing and give her a huge hug! :rolleyes:


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Tobee has a pretty vocal yawn. I usually mock him after he is done making all his noise. I think boxers are just vocal all the way around. They can't even yawn quietly.
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