Very smart girl!

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Thought I would share this story.

Last night hubby and I are watching the NY/Boston baseball game. To keep Cami occupied as we were both extrememy tired, I had bought her a new chew that she loves. She worked on it for over 2 hours, thankfully!

Anyways, it does tend to get a little messy so I always lay down a towel for her when she has these. So in her glassy-eye heaven she was chewing away with a smile on her face and I look down at her and she has moved the chew off of the towel. So I say to her "Cam please move that back to the towel, I am too tired to get up and do it for you." So, she proceeds to grab it, move it over to the towel and continues chewing. I just replied, "Thank-you baby, you are such a smart girl." When I look over at hubby, his mouth is hanging open and he has a look of amazement on his face. I said, "What, you don't think she knows what we are saying?" He just shook his head in disbelief and continued watching the game.

I love my girl!


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Great story! I love it when our babies do things like that. Doesn't it just make you feel like a million bucks?


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They know EXACTLY what we are saying!

I love this. I know the situation perfectly. I have been busy canning on the weekends since DH and I had a huge garden this year and it's a bit much having a 10-11 week old puppy underfoot while doing this. So....I filled Charm's kong up with peanutbutter and spread an old bath towel on the kitchen floor for her to lay on. She chewed away happily while I worked. And if she got off the towel I would just say "Charm, back on your blankie" and she would pick up the kong and move back over to her towel. Same thing in the evenings in the living room. I give her a kong if I'm too tired to play and she'll come back to her towel every time. I can even just point to it and she'll pick up her treat and move. And this is an 11 week old puppy!!! I think I'm going to be in trouble, this little girl is just too smart for MY own good! LOL Aren't our babies amazing?!?!


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Abby had something wrong with her paw the other day and my mom (sitting in the floor) said, 'Abby, give me your paw', and Abby just pulled it up and put it in her hand. My dad was laying on the couch behind Abby and said 'well, let me see it.', and this freaked them both out, Abby turned and put her paw on the couch beside my dad's head!
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