Very Sad Night :( (long)

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Hi everyone, I'm writing this very sad :( I'm having to take Mack back tomorrow. I feel one part responsible, one part failure, and a whole lot of heart broken.

Mack came home 8 days ago. The cutest puppy ever. He settled in the first day, you all saw how I was praising him on his leash! Unfortunatly, his owner had a rougher go at it.

Hopefully you all saw how much I researched this. I spent a year thinking about a dog, and six months looking into a boxer. Never owning a dog, i've learned there are some things 'research' alone can't provide, that only experience can.

I was totally unprepared for just how much care he would need. Not just 'need' but deserve. It is more than just the sleep but the constant attention, care and training so he can grow into the dashing boy he can be.

I thought my schedule would permit me having a dog. And over the past 18 months it would have. But I'm a youth pastor and the past 18 months we've not had a building for our Jr. High, so we've been in maintenance mode. Last monday we got our new building, now I get to take my passion and BUILD. My mistake in this, and part of the reason I feel so horrible and heart broken, is that I looked at owning a puppy in light of the past 18 months of busyness...not what my life is like when I can fully live out my passion for my job.

last week, as that started again, he was crated while I was at work, except for lunch, then in the car while I went to meetings at night. That life is not what he deserves :(

On top of which, my apartment raised rent again, over $200 and so, at the age of 28, I have to humbly move back home. My goals of getting a condo will never happen if I continue to poor rent money out. Which means a new puppy for my parents too is simply not fair to them.

Simply put, i'm facing some pretty major life changes, moving home, ministry outlook etc. Some I could not have predicted, thats life I suppose. Others, hindsite being 20/20 I feel I should have predicted.

Last night I taught Mack to sit. I'm looking at his toys, his face, and realizing tomorrow he won't be with me anymore, and I want to cry. But I know too, that tomorrow starts the journey for him to be with a family that can give him the love and attention he deserves, and that hopefully I played a small role in his life to raise him into the amazing boy he can be.

A boxer is in my future, but when I am more established and life is more predictable. Until then, I'll always look at Mack as my eternal puppy, hoping I showed him for this short time half the love he showed me.

I apologize to you all for spending your time answering questions, to have it turn out this way. i feel like i let a lot of people down, but I know this is the right choice for him, AND me, allowing me to focus on things I need to deal with.

What a wonderufl, life changing puppy Mack is, if even for a short time.


Boxer Insane
Very sad indeed. You aren't letting anyone down. In fact, you are helping Mack and yourself. It takes a big person to do what you are doing for little Mack. You couls have just kept him and crated him all the time and then you would be letting everyone down. I know it is sad but look at what you did for each other over the past 8 days and the joy he brought to your life. In the end it will all work out. Don't be so hard on yourself. Congrats on the growing ministry.


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I agree that (as hard as it may be) you are making the right decision. I too have been looking to bring a boxer puppy into my life but I know the timing just isn't right for me. It's extremely frustrating, but I know you are doing the right thing. You can take solace in the fact that Mack will have a new home where he'll receive the care and attention he needs. Some day a boxer puppy will in your life when the time is right! Good luck with the ministry. I think it's awesome you are so passionate about your work!

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A tough decision, and a heart-wrehcnhing one, but it sounds as though it will be best for both of you. Possibly in the future, when you are in a more settled-down position it might be better to go the rescue route. Adopting an oder dog. At any rate, it's a good man who puts Mack's needs first, you are a good dog owner for however brief a time.

Good luck to both of you.


I'm so sorry for you, it must have been a hard old decision. You did not let us down you gave your puppy a chance for a better life. Some day in the future you will be in a better place and your turn will come. I commend you on your gut wrenching,unselfish decision. My heart goes out to you and I wish you good luck with your ministry. I Thank you for the journey that you took us on, we all felt your excitement ,as we now feel your pain.

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I'm feeling your pain but on the other hand you are making the right choice for your puppy. Your not abandoning him just giving him the life he so rightfully deserves. It takes a real man to do what you're doing and I commend you for it. You are putting Mack first even though it will hurt you big time. My son went and got a boxer and after a few days quess what - she ended up with us. Now after almost 4 years we wouldn't part with her for the world. We can't imagine life without her. But we were in a position to do that. We are both retired and I have the time to give her what she needs. Please know that I am not judging you. You made an honest mistake and now you are going to correct it. Hugs. I know you will need them.


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if anyone ever wondered if it is possible to type and cry at the same time, I'm proving it is! I just took Mack back to his mommy. The little guy did not make it easy, of course, he sat on my lap the whole 30 mile drive there. The moment we walked inside though, I was convicted I made the right choice. He ran right in, licked the breeder Carol, then ran right to his mommy and brothers and started playing. It was the best possible thing that could have happened.

When i went to say goodbye and picked him up he was like 'hey put me down my bros are down there! We are playing!' I gave him a kiss and started to walk away and he barked at me, put his paws up on the play pen fence and when I petted him he licked my hand as if to say 'its okay Dad, you tried and look! I'll be okay!'

Of course I bawled the whole way home and am trying to hold it in here at starbucks.

Thank you all for your encouraging and understanding words. I promise you have not heard or seen the last of me, a boxer is in my future for sure. I'll roam these boards to keep him in my memories and give me somethign to look forward to in a few years. Thank you all.

ps- i did teach him to sit last night :) Just so when he does it in the future he can be like "See what my first daddy taught me!"


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You are going to make one heck of a boxer owner someday! Obviously, its not the right time in your life right now but Mack will thank you that you were mature enough to realize his needs first and take a very humble step by returning him. Its heartbreaking and I feel your pain. Its better you returned him now than in a few months when it would be more difficult for both of you.

I commend you on your decision and will be pulling for you when your circumstances change and you're able to have the boxer you so desperately want. You've made us all proud by being responsible and you'll make even more proud when you're able to be the boxer dad you want to be.


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HUGS! I am so sorry you had to take Mack back. But you did the right thing... For you and for him. Like said before... You will make one heck of a boxer dad someday! We are here for you to talk with and we look forward to seeing you around here! Keep your head up and stay in touch. Cant wait for the day to come, when we find out you will be a 'Daddy' again :)


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A very brave and compassionate decision you made for your little Mack-bless you for putting him first and taking the time to reunite him with his breeder. I have a feeling your "soul mate" boxer is out there and you will find each other when it is right for both of you. Best of luck and please know I am impressed with your selflessness. What a great Dad you will make!
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