Very proud of Reo today :)

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So we went to get a movie at one of those $1 movie kiosks. Well Nala and Reo were in the front seat watching us. They didn't notice the dog in the car two spaces over (which I was thankful for) Well this guy comes out of the store and hops in his car and his dog noticed my dogs and started to bark. The idiot started instigating his dog to "get" my dogs and his dog started barking away. Reo normally would have lost it and would have started hitting the windows and barking right back but he just sat there. He woofed a few times but just small not noticable barks. This guy wouldn't stop and finally Reo had enough and just turned away.

The girlfriend told him to stop and his comment was "why those are boxers they can't hurt my dog (pitty). I was totally irritated but also used it as a great training tool for Reo to help him learn to be calm in the car. And he was, I was so thrilled, and I wasn't even in the car to control him. It is the first time he has ever stayed calm with another dog being next to us and barking appicon

We are finally making progress woooohooooappiconappiconappicon


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Well done to Reo!!!! he wasnt going to lower himself to there level ,what a clever boy you have there.


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what a good boy :)

appicon Way to go Reo! As for the other guy, people like him is why pitties get such a bad rap.

I totally agree Pam, ugg people sometimes !! What a good boy Reo appicon, mommy should give a big treat for that :D

Best Wishes

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