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Before we got our boxer Champ we went on vacation without a thought. Since then we have bought a camper and only go to places that allow our baby. My family thinks we have lost it. How many of you take your boxers with you? Or am I as wierd as my family thinks I am!! LOL


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Well I for one don’t think you’re weird. Brutus goes to work with me quite often, I take him on show sites and he sits by the side of the stage perfectly content and only occasionally howls when a guitar player hits a particular note. Everyone has just gotten use to him being with me. As far as going on vacation, since we have two dogs, I just have someone baby-sit them at our house while we’re gone, but the camper idea sounds like a good one, I might have to look into that myself. ;-)

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We take our dogs with us on vacation. We just up to Canada for 4 days and took the boys. We stayed at hotels that allowed dogs. It seems that more and more hotels are accepting pets. We are also looking into buying a travel trailer. We are going to go to Las Vegas to see my folks and unfortunatlly (sp) they are not critter people so we are going to board our dogs in Vegas while we are there. In case I suffer from seperation anxiety. LOL. I do not think that you are wierd, you just love your baby.

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You are not weird at all, though our family thinks we are weird.

We bring our dog when we can (if hotel and situation allow for it), and when we just absolutely can't, we have my friend come and stay at our house and live here as if were her own place. She loves it and we do too!

As a matter of fact, in May we brought our dog with us to an out-of-town wedding. The hotel allowed dogs and the reception was right down stairs. We were able to check in on him after dinner! It worked out so perfectly and made the wedding that much better having him there with us.

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No, you're not weird at all. I do the same thing. We go camping with a van and I only go places where I can take Markus.

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We have had Nino for almost 3 years and he has never been left at a kennel. If me and my husband went anywhere, my daughter would stay with him. We bought a house in Chincoteague this year and took Nino on vacation with us for 10 days. I guess thats where we'll be taking all of our vacations now. Nino had a great time and I didn't have to stress about his well being. I think its better if you can take them with you.


You are not weird!!!

We take Striker everywhere, and feel bad if we have to go out for a long time. Sometimes when people ask us to go out we think about Striker and how long he will have to be alone.
We have taken him on every vacation, found pet-friendly lodging. At one hotel we didn't trust the maids (they kept looking at him), so we ended up taking him to the beach with us everyday!! Maybe I'm overprotective.

Sandy- we are thinking about going to Chincoteague this month, we love it there, do you know of any hotel that allows dogs??

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Carol, you sound perfectly normal
Our four Boxer come everywhere with us.

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I have agonized over leaving my two to go on vacation. Last year we decided we were going to get a Boxer and skip our vacation. Then we decided to go, then we decided he was to young to leave, when it came down to it we all couldn't bear to leave our Samson. This year we decided to get a little girl Boxer. My hubby says no ifs ands or buts we need to get away. So I am going to have to leave them both this week and be away from them for 9 days. I know they are going to be okay, it just amazes me at how we can become so "obsessed" as my hubby calls me. The Boxer breed was his dream dog to start with. I guess we all will have to get by.


Not at all. Where everywhere we go Gracie comes w/ us. To the store, camping, to my parents ect.

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