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Brutis and Bama's Mommy

I brought Turk home yesterday, and my house has been in chaos (I think that it is how it is spelled.) My guys are not thrilled. They are guarding me my husband the bathroom and my office. I think that they are just letting him know who is the boss. He, Turk is a sweet dog he just wants to play with them. I think all is going to be well here until he gets to leave to go to his Daddy.
I do have to say I do love the look and pesonality of my boxers. And boy can that rotwiller put down the chow, he eats as much as both of my boxers.
Brutis is growling at him now gotta go.
Thank you for listening, okay reading and all the tips.

Foster Mom to turk a 8 month Rotwiller pup along with my signature.

Brutis, Neuterd male, Fawn w/black mask, dob 12/31/98, his last Mommy felt she did not have enough time to spend w/him.
Bama, netuered male, fawn, dob sometime in 1998, from the Alabama Boxer Rescue and Adoption Inc.
Glad to hear things are going well. I'm sure within a few days Turk will fir right in. When other dogs visit my house I think they usually feel like the odd man out at first. Two best friends and now this new dog is spoiling the party :)

I'm sure when Turk leaves your pups will miss him. Keep us updated.

Brutus & Amayas Mom
Brutus 9/23/99 Flashy Fawn
Amaya 3/22/00 Flashy Brindle
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