Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

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Boxer Insane
Lily is 17 months and weighs 49 lbs. She was the runt and isn't a beefy girl at all. She's very sleek and all legs ~ We call her Lily Long Legs.


Boxer Pal
Niko is 5 and weighs about 72 now. He has come down a few pounds since we were told he should lose a little weight to help his hips. We thought he was big, as we hardly ever run into another boxer around here as big as him. I am surprised at how many 85/90 pounders there are in this thread!

Toby is 2 and weighs 63 lbs. He's our tiny boy- we can't seem to make him gain any weight no matter that he eats more than our other substantially larger dogs.


Boxer Buddy
My girls will be 7 weeks on Tuesday. I weighed them yesterday afternoon, and this is what I got...

Saphira is 8.2 lbs and Arya is 6.6 lbs

Saphira was the 2nd biggest in the litter, and Arya was the runt (I think).

Bosley Bear

Boxer Pal
Bosley 9 months & 55.0 lbs (he hasn't filled out yet... waiting on those muscles!!)
Maddie 15 months & 54.5 lbs (one solid girl!)
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